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CIVIS online language tandems

Would you like to practice your foreign language skills online with native speakers or more proficient peers? CIVIS can help you!

Tandems are regular meetings in pairs in which you speak your own language half the time and half the time you practice your foreign language.

Register for the CIVIS online tandems programme and we will put you in contact with a partner from your own or another CIVIS member university. If you register and receive a tandem partner, you commit to meeting them at least 5 times. Each session usually lasts one hour, but that is up to you to decide.

Register here

Registration is continuous throughout the semester. For any question, please contact

You can find more information about the programme on the website of Stockholm University's Språkstudion.

Language Cafés

The Department of Language Education of Stockholm University organises Language Cafe sessions where students and university staff from a CIVIS member university get the opportunity to practise languages in an informal setting, together with other students and native speakers.

What is a Language Cafe?

The idea of a Language Cafe is to practise your language skills and cultural awareness by talking to native speakers and other learners, informally, over coffee or tea. The cafes are run by student native speakers on a voluntary basis. No credits are given and no teachers are present, unless they are learners, too. You are welcome to participate on a regular basis or drop in spontaneously. 

Languages available

20 languages are currently offered and you can participate in as many sessions as you want! 


Check out the Språkstudion website to see the latest schedule for the Language Cafes.


The digital language cafes are FREE and open to students and staff at universities across the CIVIS Alliance. If you want to start attending, then you just need to register using your university email address. You can then join the Language Cafes online via Zoom.

Interested in coordinating a Language Cafe in your native language?

Would you like to coordinate a Language Cafe in your native language? Then learn more here and send an email to!