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World Poetry Day celebrated by NKUA with a poetry marathon

22 March 2024
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As Aristotel said, Homer has taught all other poets the art of telling lies skilfully. And what better way to mark World Poetry Day then through a poetry marathon?! Twelve full hours of verses signed by national and international poets filled the minds and souls of those present at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with this occasion. 
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In the heart of Athens, at the Propylaea of the NKUA, the event greatly contributed to highlighting the multifaceted testimony of poetry through the exaltation of the experience of listening to it in the open air, beyond formal conventions. Fine sounds and multilingual voices were also added to the turbulence and monotony of life in the city.

Contemporary poets, students, faculty members and administrative officers of NKUA recited in a continuous sequence representative works from the inexhaustible treasure of the Greek and international poetic traditions. Some residents of Athens also joined the event spontaneously. 

When poetry meets music

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As part of the same action, a musical tribute to the poetry of Odysseas Elytis took place in the Great Hall of NKUA. Classical music for piano mingled with the lyricism of the Nobel-winning poet’s works. 

The collaboration between NKUA and the Municipality of Athens demonstrates both sides’ creative attitude of extroversion and our institution's long-standing relationship with the city of Athens. Our university, as an integral part of this city, opens its doors to everyone and brings to the forefront of attention the research interests of its people, thus strengthening its links to society",

said NKUA's Rector, Professor Gerasimos Siasos, who also recited a poem, symbolically called 'To the Teacher’, by Kostis Palamas. He served as NKUA’s Secretary General for 30 years and whose words continue to inspire everyone with the duty to work incessantly and tirelessly towards a broad and open education for all. 

In the organisation of the event were also involved undergraduate and postgraduate students. The action marks the very beginning of the ‘NKUA in the City’, a series of educational, cultural, and artistic events which the university organises in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens. The aim is to share and disseminate the academic knowledge and research experiences of the NKUA’s faculty members to the city that houses the Institution.

All the event's details are available in the original story, in Greek