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Workshop: International Service Learning. Combining teaching with student civic engagement in practice-oriented seminars

16 March 2021

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Type of event
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
16 March 2021

The one-day online workshop aims at training lecturers, who wish to integrate Service-Learning into their seminars. More specifically, it focuses on special aspects of the Service- Learning format and the needs for its successful implementation. Individual Service-Learning scenarios, matching the subject’s learning objectives, are to be developed in the workshop.

Contents: Characteristics and objectives of Service-Learning, connecting Service-Learning to the subject’s contents and learning objectives, methods/tools, reflection, assessment

Methodology: an interactive online seminar with blended learning elements and possibilities for exchange with other lecturers

Focus on innovative pedagogies:

Service-learning belongs to the cluster “Context-driven pedagogical innovation / real-world driven pedagogical innovation” as defined in the Innovative Pedagogies Handbook. Two examples of interdisciplinary Service- Learning seminars at the University of Tübingen are described in the handbook.

Organiser: University of Tübingen

Time: 09:00 - 17:00 CET

Language: English

Nb of participants: 20

NB: the link to the online workshop will be sent by e-mail shortly after the deadline for registration.

For any enquiries, please contact the coordinators of this workshop:

  • Franziska Müller M.A, Division Academic Affairs Section Transdisciplinary Course Program and Career Service, Sub-section Service-Learning and Civic Engagement