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European Forum on Service-Learning

25 to 28 June 2024

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25 to 28 June 2024

Between 25-28 of June 2024, the University of Bucharest will host the European Service-Learning ForumThe event is meant to share practices for service-learning implementation

The Forum will enable the reviewing of the areas for improvement in the implementation of service-learning activities in higher education. The exchanges will be participatory through students workshops, educational leaders workshops, and local organisations workshops. In order to develop and implement this experiential methodology, a guidebook is needed to be shared with the whole consortium. The different workshops that will take place during this international forum will enable us to contribute to a complete and detailed guidebook to help other universities integrate service-learning in their different training models.

Also, the best Service-Learning projects developed by the partners activities during the 2 years project will be awarded during the event.

The internal seminar is part of the KA2 SL-ICP project "Service-Learning: Intersectoral Collaboration Practices for the development of students’ soft skills and socially engaged universities”, funded by the European Union.

75 participants from France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania are expected to attend the event:

  • 5 teachers / educational manager involved in SL from each country - total 25
  • 5 students involved in SL activities from each country - total 25
  • 5 civil society organisations - total 25

Topics to be discussed:

  • Presentation of SL experiences
  • Presentation of SL institutional initiatives
  • Presentation of the Guidebook on SL
  • Parallel Workshops including the feedback on the Guidebook
  • Contribution to distinction for SL projects
  • Presentation of 10 SL projects implemented in the 5 countries
  • Empowering students in the implementation of SL projects’ activities
  • Visit to an NGO/Community partner in Bucharest (4 groups of site visits)
  • Ceremony for the 10 SL projects recognition

The Service-Learning approach in higher education is a method of experiential learning that involves students performing community service, critically reflecting on this experience and learning from it on a personal, social and intellectual level.

The project aims to disseminate the implementation of Service-Learning within European universities and to support stakeholders (students, professors, teaching and administrative staff, civil society organizations). The seminar in Bucharest will be the final step of the program, where the best service-learning projects developed will be awarded and the partners will work on a Service-Learning Guide, which will be shared as an output of the project.

The partners of the project are:

  • Eurasia Net - overall project management and coordination
  • University of Athens (Greece) - mapping and analysis of current Service-Learning practices within partner universities
  • University of Madrid (Spain) - training of professors and teaching staff in Service-Learning methods and their implementation
  • Aix-Marseille University (France) - promotion of Service-Learning projects at local and European level through events involving stakeholders
  • University of Bucharest (Romania) - create an implementation guide for Service-Learning projects and organization of a European forum on Service-Learning
  • University of Rome “Sapienza” (Italy) - communication, dissemination and evaluation to promote learning through Service-Learning