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Vilka är CIVIS-ambassadörerna?

De är den första kontaktpunkten för dig som är student vid ett universitet som är medlem i CIVIS. Kontakta dem för att engagera dig, eller bara för att få veta vad CIVIS har att erbjuda!

Kan du inte vänta med att ta reda på vilka möjligheter som väntar dig? Ta sedan kontakt med dina ambassadörer!


 Photo: Sapienza University of Rome, Valentina Alvaro

Valentin Callet

A graduate student qualified with a Masters in cultural studies of the English-speaking world, from the University of Aix-Marseille, I am very glad to take on again the role of CIVIS cultural ambassador. I have been involved in the improvement of learning and studying conditions for both local and international students, throughout the past eight years – now working as an English teacher.

Having benefited from several enriching experiences abroad, including an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2017-2018, I have also worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada, in 2019-2020. Most recently, I was awarded a Fulbright FLTA scholarship to work as a French primary teacher at Albright College (Pennsylvania), in the United States, from September 2022 to May 2023. Besides, when I worked as a Resident Assistant (RA) in my residence in Aix-en-Provence, I enjoyed the impact that activities had on some students – helping them socialize, keeping them entertained, and helping them balance their lives.

During my tenure as a cultural ambassador, I will work to try and improve the European academic system, and help break the borders between academic disciplines. I will strive to make the CIVIS alliance better known among the student communities, at home and abroad, by participating in the different missions and promotional events organized by the Alliance.

Our goal is to radiate a positive light on the fascinating panel of opportunities offered by CIVIS, be it summer schools, conferences, lectures, Master & PhD scholarships, exchange programs, and many more. Moreover, I shall continue to share all relevant international opportunities for the next generation of students. I am deeply grateful for this unique opportunity and cannot wait to start again my missions as a CIVIS cultural ambassador.


Sabina Suleymanova

As a final year Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree student, I have had a unique chance to do each semester of my studies in three different CIVIS member universities. This extraordinary study track has significantly expanded my knowledge on educational systems in various European universities and equipped me with a wealth of international exposure, which I am immensely grateful for. Not only was I fortunate to study in some highly ranked European universities, but also made lifelong international friends. 

Being a mobility student myself, I appreciate how enriching and exciting the experience of studying in different CIVIS universities is, but I equally acknowledge potential difficulties students may face. Therefore taking up the role of a CIVIS ambassador, I am eager to promote international mobility and cooperation between Aix-Marseille University and the other CIVIS member universities along with facilitating and enhancing students’ educational journey.



Ambre Gaillot

My name is Ambre, I study in the Master of European and International Studies in the wonderful University of Aix-Marseille. I previously did a literary preparatory class (Hypokhâgne and khâgne). I am passionate about the diplomatic world and am totally invested in what I do!

At the associative level, I gave French lessons to Syrian students - this experience was extremely rewarding and I met so many great people! I am very committed to the defense of human rights and am also a volunteer for Amnesty International.

Being a CIVIS ambassador is a real honor for me and an opportunity to actively promote student mobility. I want to encourage the development of strong links between European students, promote the multicultural values of CIVIS and contribute to the organisation of many events with all my joy!

I studied English abroad and will soon be moving to Greece for a semester. I still have the whole world to discover and thousands of people to meet – I wish the same for all students!"


Nada Belheouane

I wanted to be part of this European alliance to promote the program which is for the moment unwell known in Marseille, a hub of opportunities in all fields. The experience that CIVIS offers is rewarding and beneficial in term of personal, intellectual and professional aspect. It permitted me to acquire more knowledge and build a network.

I sincerely think that it can give an international dimension to someone’s career and make people grow stronger and more confident in themselves. Any CIVIS program help to improve your skills in English professional communication and oral expression. Indeed it has a huge impact on you Higher Education finality.


Maria-Agori Gravvani

My name is Maria Gravvani and I am a PhD Candidate in Classics in the faculty of Philology at the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I am also a Bachelor student in the faculty of the Italian Language and Literature in the same university.

I decided to apply for the position as a CIVIS Ambassador as I think CIVIS offers a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and broaden their minds through the various activities that organizes annually. I aspire that as a CIVIS Ambassador I will have the opportunity to take part in activities that bond the members of the Alliance, to meet students from other universities, organize and promote CIVIS programs representing my University.

This multicultular collaboration between the Universities that take part in the Alliance gives students the chance to shape and improve the Higher Education of Tomorrow.


Paraskevi Platanou

Becoming a CIVIS Ambassador will allow me to actively contribute to the vision of a united Europe, where students and academics from diverse backgrounds can unite to tackle global challenges. I am thrilled to be part of a network that values diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Erasmus+ programs and other volunteer activities have provided me with a gradual development of my communication skills in public, as well as the ability to create strong collaborations, teams, and events with a common goal of fostering team spirit, social solidarity and contribution.

The lesson I’ve been taught through my participation in these programs is that programs such as CIVIS can have a significantly positive impact in shaping the Higher Education of tomorrow through collaboration, innovation, and fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.




Alexandros Antonopoulos

I wanted to become a CIVIS ambassador to become a CIVIS ambassador to help students get a chance for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience that will enrich them both in their academic, professional but also personal life and personality. I want to be part of this experience and help others to be as well. CIVIS offers programs that tackle problems of the real world and are not just theoretic. Therefore, students and academic staff can combine their knowledge from deferent academic fields and backgrounds for new solutions of today’s world, to make it a better one. 



Vedika Kapoor

In my journey with CIVIS, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of this program. It has been an avenue of personal growth, cultural enrichment and the development of lasting connections with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Now, as a CIVIS Ambassador, I am eager to pay this invaluable experience forward. I am driven to be the friendly informative GPS for curious students navigating CIVIS. I aspire to be the enthusiastic hype person, the one who makes students wonder, “Why not give it a shot?”

For me, CIVIS is a roadmap redefining the landscape of higher education. It’s not just a set of principles: it’s a embodiment of collaboration, innovation and diversity. It shapes us, students, as globally conscious leaders poised to navigate the complexities of the world
CIVIS isn’t just a chapter; it’s a new edition, scripting a narrative where higher education isn’t a stagnant institution but an ever-evolving force for positive change.


Hakim Traore

I decided to become a CIVIS ambassador because I am passionate about cultural exchanges and projects revolving around that.

Through my mandate as an ambassador, I had the opportunity to meet and work with outstanding students from all over Europe.

I believe that this is the main impact CIVIS can have in shaping the Higher Education of tomorrow, bringing bright minds from all over the continent on working together.



Alexia Cristallo

My name is Alexia Cristallo and I am currently pursuing a master in public and international law at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

In 2022-2023, I had the privilege of taking part in the BIP “European private law and modern technologies”, organized by CIVIS at La Sapienza University in Rome. This enriching experience enabled me not only to broaden my knowledge in the field I am studying but also to meet other European students who share similar interest in law.

Being a student ambassador for CIVIS was an obvious choice for me. Indeed, it is important to me to make this incredible opportunity known to as many students as possible and to share my positive experience with them.

If you were hesitant to embark on this adventure, take this as a sign of destiny.




Eduard Acsinte

The main reason for which I wanted to become a CIVIS Ambassador is the fact that I know how important it can be for the students. I myself took part in an eye-opening ERASMUS mobility of six months, during my first degree, that remained the most inspiring period of those years other wised overshadowed by the Pandemic.

But it was my second experience, this time with a CIVIS BIP, that truly made me want to pursue this role. I want to help our students access these unique opportunities, because I strongly believe that with the right information, guidance, and help everyone can benefit from a life-changing experience, as was my case. I see CIVIS as one of the best ways in achieving cross-cultural and multidisciplinary education, the two elements that I consider to be the most important for a student. 


Bianca-Iulia Mireuță

Hi! My name is Bianca, and I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation. I am thrilled to represent the University of Bucharest as a member of CIVIS and look forward to bringing my own contribution to the alliance.

My own time spent studying abroad has helped me realize how important it is to feel that you are not going through this experience alone. CIVIS is an exceptional opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all united by a shared commitment to education. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, but it is a sure way to achieve self-growth.

As an ambassador, I want to offer support to those who are committed to always improving themselves and those who do not fear challenges.




Bianca-Cătălina Munteanu

Bună! My name is Bianca-Cătălina Munteanu and as a PhD student in the field of Cultural studies, I have understood the importance of this programme through amazing experiences and this is why I wanted to be a CIVIS Ambassador.

Since Anthropology is a science that implies analysing the world around us, I found the great opportunity to find out more about other cultures while studying abroad. Likewise, such changes prove what an intake CIVIS has in shaping the Higher Education of tomorrow. You get the chance to know different environments, to listen to a diversity of courses and to enlarge your perspectives.



Michela Stasio

Hi! My name is Michela and I am an undergraduate at the University of Glasgow. My international experience including two Erasmus mobilities and a CIVIS Summer School has led to my profound appreciation for studying abroad.

I am, thus, extremely pleased to take on the role of CIVIS Ambassador as I would love to ensure that as many students as possible can take part in the invaluable opportunities that the alliance has to offer.

CIVIS not only makes international courses and mobility more accessible to students, but also sets an example for Higher Education, through its vision of an interuniversity campus, committed to collaboration, equality and innovation. 


Nicola Iseli

CIVIS is all about bringing people together, and I believe there’s nothing more important than that! In today's interconnected world, where barriers seem to be growing, money often appears to be the only force capable of overcoming these challenges. In such a time, CIVIS strikes me as a commendable initiative, fostering solidarity and intellectual cooperation among the diverse member countries of the European Union and beyond.

Most importantly, it facilitates connections between individuals who prioritize peace, life, and meaningful knowledge above all else. Together we can make the difference and try to bring the world a little closer!


Marco Prost

Originating from Luxembourg, I study medieval French literature in Lausanne. Having done an Erasmus in Germany, and part of my PhD in the UK, I consider academic cooperation on an international level essential, as well for the advancement of research and teaching as for the personal development of individuals.

I also believe participation in the CIVIS network all the more important in a time where Swiss academia is still dealing with its exclusion from the Horizon Europe program. Furthermore, I wish to encourage short term mobility for fellow PhD students, as enriching experience and way to build an own network.


Aitana Raldacorfas

I am a Master student in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). Originally from Barcelona, I did my BS in Montpellier and spent my summers abroad doing internships and exchanges. These international experiences granted me great exposure to cultures exchanges, networking, collaborative projects, and teamwork.

As a CIVIS Ambassador my goal is to encourage students to go abroad and have life-changing experiences, meeting other students and cultures while studying and learning at a great academic level. Indeed, CIVIS Alliance encourage student mobility using innovative education and building a European inter-university campus.

This allows to foment cultural diversity and language learning, stimulates innovation, creativity, exchange and enables the development of a more open, inclusive, and global vision. In conclusion, I highly recommend participating in these programs because I believe it will be a great opportunity to develop yourself in a personal, academic, and social context.



Julian Kessler

Hello everyone!

My name is Julian and I gladly encourage students at the University of Salzburg to participate in CIVIS programs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in case you are interested in joining any CIVIS activity or if you happen to have any questions! 

Currently I am employed at the university and I am working on my PhD thesis in Roman Law / State Theory. I am very interested in international activities since I enjoy working in a multicultural (and multilingual!) context. Besides, I engage in voluntary associations such as The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).

I am looking forward to your message!




Amelie Peters

Hallo! I’m Amelie and currently a student of Psychology. Being able to shape the very beginning of CIVIS at Salzburg means the world to me! I strongly believe in the power of stepping into someone else’s shoes and I’m excited to see my fellow people walking in different shoes through CIVIS.

Coming from a musical background, it has been proven to me time and time again that although you can be good on your own, together with others, you create magic. In my time at CIVIS, I hope to fabricate and experience magic through get-togethers and events of all sorts.


Alida Vetturelli

As a student who studied foreign languages and literature, the concept of internationalization has always been very important to me. Thanks to mobility-programs as Erasmus+ and CIVIS I had the opportunity to study in three different universities abroad and to carry out my Master-thesis research at the University of Salzburg, where I’m currently doing my PhD.

As I strongly believe in the powerful and positive impact that experiences abroad can have, and in order to guide other students through their experience abroad, I decided to become a CIVIS Ambassador. The experience with foreign cultures and people should be the first step in order to establish a more solid European identity and a more valuable education. 



Leonie Charlotte Röthler

Hey, I’m Leonie! 
CIVIS offers to broaden horizons through getting to know international people, talking different languages, and learning more about other cultures. As the alliance enables every student to study and travel abroad, I am here to spread the word about CIVIS and to actively promote student mobility. 

CIVIS offers great intercultural experiences, opportunities for self-growth and a high flexibility in studying – things, that are very important for our lives in our future society. I firmly believe that CIVIS helps in shaping a more inclusive and multicultural future - for all of us!



Lucía López Andrades

Hello! My experience studying last year abroad thanks to the CIVIS Alliance has had a very positive impact on my life. I would love to encourage other students to participate in the CIVIS Alliance and live this wonderful experience themselves.

CIVIS allows us to learn personally and academically, as well as to enrich ourselves through cross-cultural interaction. CIVIS works to create a multicultural network across different European educational systems based on equality, inclusion and non-discrimination, which promotes innovative and collaborative Higher Education and fosters diversity within the universities. I am very excited to be part of this community and ready to share my enthusiasm as an ambassador at my university.




Joaquín Delgado Amar

Hello everyone!
I became a CIVIS Ambassador because I strongly believe in the vision of a more collaborative and inclusive European higher education.

CIVIS represents an exceptional opportunity to boost internationalization and cooperation between universities, while addressing global challenges and promoting access to quality education. Without a doubt, it prepares students for a future that is more connected and committed to positive change!

As an ambassador, it is an honor to help convey this passion and motivation in my home university. I am very excited to contribute to the creation of a more diverse and enriching academic community. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the CIVIS community!


Irene Cecilia Soto Bajo

My Erasmus mobility was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, both academically and personally. As an Ambassador, I want to bring that kind of opportunity to my fellow students through CIVIS. I believe that the values of the Alliance – the free exchange of people, culture, and knowledge – are key to increase the strength and excellence of European Higher Education and research.

By allowing cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration, CIVIS will create a true international community, and enrich the lives of students, staff, and academics across borders. I am excited and honoured to help spread this vision within my university!






Ilaria Carriero

I firmly believe that CIVIS embodies European values to perfection and that it is an excellent medium for young students who approach university to build a future and consequently to build the future in which we will all live.

I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where future people who hold important positions, have travelled, have opened up to foreign cultures and have understood that Borders don't preserve peace, borders only breed war”.



Rebecca Collepiccolo

I wanted to become a CIVIS ambassador to take what I've always liked to do one step forward: promoting mobility between universities, informing my peers about the opportunities we are offered as European students, getting in touch with new people and new horizons.

I truly believe that CIVIS can help shape the Higher Education of tomorrow by promoting cooperation, esteem, mutual learning and intellectual curiosity between the eleven universities of the Alliance.

Marta Festa

I believe that the Civis Alliance is a resource for creating a more inclusive and interconnected education system among our universities, which is the basis for an equally inclusive society.

Through Civis we can build bridges between students and institutions, making our education more accessible, diverse, and enriching for all. I hope to be able to contribute to this ambitious project since I am convinced that creating an innovative education system requires the involvement of a wide network of actors, starting with the students, who are most familiar with their wishes and needs. So don't miss this opportunity...join the Erasmus Generation!


Ernesto Lamagna

Hi, I'm Ernesto, a second-year student in Gastronomic and wellness sciences, cultures and politics. My journey doesn't stop within the classroom walls. I decided to become a CIVIS Ambassador after an experience that expanded both my academic and personal horizons.

Thanks to a BIP that I attended, I had the incredible opportunity to interact with professors, researchers, and fellow students from all across Europe. Sharing common ideas and passions, I fully grasped the significance of this university alliance and what it represents. It's a bridge to collaboration, learning, and personal growth that transcends geographical borders.

Annarita Napolitano 

My name is Annarita and I am currently a Masters' Degree student in International Relations at Sapienza University.

I believe the CIVIS Alliance is another fundamental step of the European Integration process, which needs to be scaled up with the direct engagement and meaningful
participation of youth.

As CIVIS Ambassador, my goal will be to empower young people and build capacity for them to be involved at the highest levels of education, in order for international educational systems to be more equitable and inclusive.


Sara Napolitano

I've decided to become a CIVIS ambassador as I firmly believe in the importance of interculturalism and cultural exchange within the university as a reason for personal enrichment. My hope, through joining the CIVIS project, is to extend across the university community the love for knowledge and for sharing, as well as the importance of language study as a means to live another reality, closer to other people's points of view.

Studying or practicing languages in a cross-cultural environment means being able to fully immerse oneself into the unknown and the unexpected. I would like to contribute to the CIVIS community by creating a safe communication space, with the hope to convey to my peers the same enthusiasm for the perspective of an intercultural and surely enriching education opportunity.



Munise Incesu

My name is Münise Incesu and I’m currently studying a bachelors degree in political science at Stockholm University. My interest for the civis partnership began with my exchange semester in Glasgow, then I got the opportunity to know people with different academic background from other continents. 

I want to make exchange studies easier and more accessible for individuals with different socioeconomic backgrounds so everyone can have the opportunity to study abroad. I want to contribute to a more inclusive and globally connected academic community.




Annika Klaus

My name is Annika Klaus and I study law in the ninth semester at “Eberhard Karls University” in Tübingen. My semester abroad at "University Libre de Bruxelles" and a CIVIS seminar at “University of Bucharest” encouraged me to take on the role as CIVIS Ambassador. Especially the opportunity of networking with people from different countries fascinates me about the CIVIS vision. In addition, I like to help other students to experience a memorable CIVIS mobility.


Alicia Ogwumike

My name is Alicia Ogwumike, and I am currently completing my master´s degree in « Democracy and Governance in Europe » at the University of Tübingen. I am fortunate to have spent two semesters abroad, one of them with CIVIS. These opportunities have shaped my personal and academic development. As CIVIS ambassador I am eager to help other students navigate their experiences abroad. Furthermore, I hope to create networks necessary to facilitate growing alliances between universities. I am sure, that Higher Education Institutions in Europe can only benefit from the CIVIS community. I hope to contribute, share my knowledge and obtain new insights.


Julia Klumbach

CIVIS has given me a lot of great opportunities for my personal and professional development. Not only has it allowed me to spend a whole semester abroad, but it made it possible for me to participate in shorty term experiences during which I met a variety of amazing people with personal and academic backgrounds that are different than mine.

Here lies, in my opinion, the biggest impact that CIVIS can have on its students: It gives us a platform to meet and to interact and to become more accepting and tolerant people together. 


Marie-Kristin Krüger

My name is Marie-Kristin Krüger and I study Medicine in the 4th year at the university of Tübingen. I have just come back from my year abroad in Italy. I enjoyed having this opportunity so much that now I would like to support others in their international experience.

I believe that having CIVIS as a common platform for education and research is a key element for European collaboration. That is why I want to make students aware of the alliance and the possibilities they have with CIVIS. Especially intercultural exchange and learning as well as using foreign languages is an area I want to strengthen and encourage other students in.