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Disciplinary meeting: European Studies

14 September 2021

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Type of event
Disciplinary Meeting
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
14 September 2021

The Institute of European Studies (IEE) at the ULB is looking to start a collaboration with counterparts across the CIVIS Alliance. The IEE is a centre of disciplinary or interdisciplinary excellence working on the main areas of research addressed by European studies (e.g. political sciences, law, history, sociology, economics).

As a first step the IEE will host this (inter-)disciplinary meeting on 14 September 2021 at 10.00-12.00 CET. The objective is for potential partners to meet each other and get to know each university's educational offer in the area. The aim is also to brainstorm together on possible next steps for collaboration (virtual mobility, shared programmes, etc).

The meeting will take place online, with an estimated duration of 2-3 hours. Participants will be asked to prepare a short presentation of the educational programmes in European Studies offered at their university, particularly highlighting field(s) of excellence or niches (maximum 10 minutes per university).

Interested participants should contact the Ulla Härmälä at the ULB by 10 September 2021 to register: