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Facilitating collaboration across borders

CIVIS, a European Civic University brings together 11 leading research universities across Europe. Our goal is to create a truly European interuniversity space to facilitate collaboration across national borders between academics and researchers.

Tvärvetenskapliga och målinriktade projekt inom akademi och forskning

Fostering collaboration in education, research and innovation are fundamental aspects of our European University Initiative. Within our university alliance, we develop innovative educational and research initiatives which focus on major societal challenges rather than disciplines. We foster collaboration around 5 interdisciplinary thematic research and education areas that are linked to CIVIS’s values and closely connected to the UN sustainable development goals:

  • Health

  • Cities, territories and mobilities

  • Digital and Technological transformation

  • Climate, environment and energy

  • Society, culture, heritage

Career development and extensive collaboration

As an academic/researcher within the CIVIS alliance, you have the possibility to:

  • Benefit from facilitated access to a European and collaborative environment (partnerships, funding, infrastructure, labs, ...)
  • Develop your professional skills through an integrated development scheme
  • Work on interdisciplinary and international projects which are focused on societal challenges
  • Share your experiences and best practices in teaching and research among your peers
  • Build a professional network at the European and international level
  • Expand the dissemination of your scientific papers
  • Have many opportunities for multidisciplinary research across the network of 11 universities


Oavsett om du vill stärka din kompetens, utveckla nya samarbeten eller utforma ett nytt utbildningsprogram, kommer Civis att erbjuda många möjligheter genom projektutlysningar, seminarier, utbildningar och mycket mer.
Besök “Aktiviteter” på vår hemsida för mer information. Du kan även prenumerera på Civis nyhetsbrev och följa oss på Twitter och Facebook för senaste nytt om vår verksamhet.

RIS4CIVIS: developing a research and innovation strategy for CIVIS

RIS4CIVIS is a project dedicated to the development and integration of a research and innovation strategy for the CIVIS Alliance, based on 6 transformational modules as key conditions for successful cooperation between modern and forward-looking universities.  

The ultimate goals of the RIS4CIVIS project are the following:

  • Define a common Research & Innovation strategy for the CIVIS Alliance
  • Transpose the developed CIVIS strategy into an Institutional Transformation Model
    • To be used as a source of inspiration for other European alliances and/or universities
    • To be used as a source of inspiration for other European alliances and/or universities

Learn more about RIS4CIVIS

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