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ScienceUs aims to create an EU-wide network of interconnected local- and national- scale citizen science initiatives related to “Adaptation to Climate Change”. A combined support program of direct funding and support services is provided to a group of high-potential citizen science initiatives.
The ScienceUs Upscale Academy delivers individualised and group support services to the selected most promising and outstanding local and national citizen science initiatives, capable of upscaling at the transnational level. The project will implement a 3-phase support program with direct funding (max. € 40.000 supported project) and support services to a group of outstanding citizen science initiatives that have the potential to be upscaled to other EU regions. The main objective of the support program is the creation of European citizen science networks in different research and technological areas related to “Adaptation to Climate Change”.

The team

The ScienceUs team is formed by universities in the CIVIS Alliance and the Museum für Naturkunde, which brings its expertise and networks generated thanks to its leading role in EU-citizen science and its successor, European Citizen Science.


  • create and attract a European community of citizen science initiatives for expansion across EU regions;
  • select and engage 5 promising local citizen science initiatives in a comprehensive 3-phase support program;
  • deliver a robust set of support tools to demonstrate the impact of EU-wide citizen science projects in achieving New Era and EU missions goals;
  • sett the basis for a long-lasting, sustainable, and efficient exploration plan

ScienceUs' support

ScienceUs will assist the citizen science projects by:

  • Seed Phase: defining a transnational citizen science campaign plan, and launching a
    call that will be communicated with the support of the CIVIS Open Labs and MfN
  • Flourish Phase: Implementing the transnational campaign plan by facilitating the matchmaking between EU citizen science initiatives and the involvement of quadruple helix actors in the projects;
  • Harvest Phase: Facilitating that these supported citizen science projects transfer the best practices and lessons learnt to other initiatives and projects and to quadruple helix actors (mainly policy makers) generating a knowledge spillover effect.


ScienceUs is led by the Universidad Autonoma De Madrid (Spain). The other 7 European partners participating in ScienceUs are:

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ScienceUs is a 3-year programme funded under the programme Horizon Europe and the call HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ERA-01-08.