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ScienceUs set to build European Network for Citizen Science on Climate Change Adaptation

30 January 2024
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Madrid, Spain

In a momentous kick-off meeting held on January 26, the new CIVIS Alliance Project ScienceUs project embarked on a mission to establish a European network of interconnected citizen science projects. Focused on the critical theme of "Adaptation to Climate Change," ScienceUs aims to weave together a tapestry of collaborative initiatives across the European Union. 


This new CIVIS Alliance Project, ScienceUs -"Integration of citizen SCIENCE best practices to Upscale and maximise projects impact related to Green Deal and EU missions", is an exciting 36-month project, funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe program. 

The Vision Unveiled: A European Citizen Science Network 

The main objective of ScienceUs is to create an EU-wide network of interconnected citizen science projects. A combined support program of direct funding and support services will be provided to a group of high-potential citizen science initiatives. A strong set of communication, dissemination, and knowledge transfer activities will be implemented to engage all actors in the quadruple helix around the citizen science networks. 

Imagine a future where citizens actively contribute to addressing climate change challenges through science – that is the vision behind ScienceUs. The project is set to implement a comprehensive 3-phase support program, providing direct funding and support services to exceptional citizen science initiatives. These initiatives have been carefully selected for their potential to be upscaled and make a significant impact across EU regions". ScienceUS

The 3 Phases of Support: Cultivating Growth and Connectivity 

ScienceUs will launch an open call to select outstanding proposals to upscale citizen science initiatives to other EU regions. The project will have to address the challenges related to 'adaptation to climate change' identified during the benchmarking period, applicants must be able to justify the impact of their projects on other global challenges or other EU missions. 

Phase One: Laying Foundations (SEED) 

ScienceUs begins by nurturing the roots of outstanding citizen science initiatives. Through direct funding and support services, we aim to fortify the foundations, ensuring the viability and sustainability of these projects. ScienceUs will help these initiatives in defining a transnational citizen science campaign plan. 

Phase Two: Scaling Heights (FLOURISH) 

As promising projects emerge, ScienceUs provides the necessary support to scale them to greater heights. This phase is about amplifying impact and expanding the reach of citizen-driven solutions to climate change adaptation. ScienceUs will support the initiatives in Implementing the transnational campaign plan by facilitating the matchmaking between EU citizen science initiatives and the involvement of quadruple helix actors in the projects. 

Phase Three: Interconnecting Dreams (HARVEST) 

The final phase is a visionary one, where ScienceUs envisions these projects blossoming into interconnected networks across different EU regions. The aim is to create European citizen science networks in various research and technological areas related to "Adaptation to Climate Change." ScienceUs will support the initiatives in Facilitating that these supported citizen science projects transfer the best practices and lessons learnt to other initiatives and projects and to quadruple helix actors (mainly policy makers) generating a knowledge spillover effect. 

ScienceUs Offerings

Training Repository: Access to a comprehensive repository of citizen science training materials, protocols, and working modalities, open to all stakeholders on the project's website. Webinars and Face-to-Face Training: Engage in diverse training formats covering citizen science topics and working modalities. Networking and Matchmaking: Facilitate connections with relevant stakeholders from the quadruple helix, fostering collaboration and synergy. Mentoring and Coaching: Receive guidance and support to navigate the challenges of citizen science initiatives. Funding Opportunities: Gain access to additional public and private funding to fuel project growth and impact. 

ScienceUs is led by the Universidad Autonoma De Madrid (Spain). The above measures will be implemented with the collaboration of 7 European partners (Universite D'aix Marseille (France), Ethniko Kai Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon (Greece), Universitatea Din Bucuresti (Romania), Universite Libre De Bruxelles (Belgium), Universita Degli Studi Di Roma La Sapienza (Italy), Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen  (Germany) and Museum Fur Naturkunde (Germany) offering diverse experiences and know-how, which represent a broad, balanced, and targeted geographical area. 

For more information about the project ScienceUs, please contact:  

Nikos Arslanoglou, Communication Manager, Ethniko Kai Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon 

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