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Last 12 May 2021, CIVIS member universities launched an initiative with the purpose to facilitate the collaborations between researchers and supervisors within the framework of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships. Supervisors of any research field were encouraged to express their interest to host a MSCA researcher by registering in our common database. The process has concluded with the identification of almost 1000 supervisors.

Researchers from any age, nationality and discipline with a doctoral degree, a maximum of 8 years of full-time research experience and who have not resided or carried out their main activity in the country of the beneficiary for more than 12 months in the previous three years are encouraged to explore the database in search for a potential supervisor.

 The following fields of expertise have been listed:   

Chemistry Information Science and Engineering
Economic Sciences Mathematics
Environmental and Geosciences Life Sciences
Social Sciences and Humanities Physics


CIVIS MSCA Supervisors

Secondary expertise fields were added to the data base to enhance the prospects of finding the most suitable supervisor/s. However, please, bear in mind that due to data protection regulations, the supervisors contact details will not be directly available in the file. Hence, if you are interested in contacting any of them, please, send an e-mail to the corresponding research office.

Aix-Marseille Université

Nicolas Gochgarian

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

NKUA CIVIS Office, Ilias Antoniou -  

NKUA Financial Office for Research Projects:

University of Bucharest

Filuta Ionita

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Vanessa Gemis, Rachel Leprout, Dragana Petrovic

Sapienza University of Rome

Rosa Di Stefano

Stockholm University

Viviana Stechina

Tübingen University

Christian Vöhringer

University of Glasgow

Joe Galloway

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Rafael Oliveros -

Rafaella Lenoir -


Once researchers and supervisors get in touch they will still need to decide whether the collaboration is finally feasible. If this is the case, applicants will receive support throughout the preparation and submission of their proposal.

Please, do not forget to include in the e-mail the names of the supervisor/s (maximum three) with whom you are interested, as well as the following statement declaring full compliance with the MSCA call requirements: 

I hereby confirm that:

  • I am already in possession of a PhD/I will be in possession of a PhD by the call deadline
  • I do not have more than 8 years of full-time research experience
  • I have not resided/ carried out my main activity in the country of the beneficiary for more than 12 in the 36 months before call deadline