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What is CIVIS?

CIVIS is a European civic university formed by eight leading institutions across Europe under the European University initiative launched by the European Commission in 2018.

Who are the universities involved? 

8 universities from 8 countries have joined forces to create the CIVIS alliance: Aix-Marseille University (France), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of Bucharest (Romania), Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Universidad Autonomà de Madrid (Spain), Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy), Stockholm University (Sweden), Eberhard Karls Universitat Tübingen (Germany).

This alliance brings together 384,000 students and 55,000 staff members and will foster multilingualism by mixing native speakers in the French, Greek, German, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German and English languages.

Why a CIVIC university?

CIVIS universities are rooted in their urban and regional landscapes and they actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic dynamism of their ecosystem. With these views in mind, the goal of the CIVIS alliance is to reinforce its civic identity and activity through collaboration at the European level.

What are CIVIS’s values?

CIVIS aims to promote European values, cultures and citizenship among new generations of students. Through our European University, we will promote inclusive quality education, fostering multilingualism and European cultural diversity, innovative and integrated educational and research programs, regardless of borders, languages or academic disciplines. Through transdisciplinary and transnational teams of students, academics and key stakeholders, our European University will embody its ambition, as forward-thinking institutions, to support the local needs of our eight universities and foster collaboration to tackle the global challenges of our century. CIVIS is also fully committed to gender equality, non-discrimination and social equity. The involvement of our universities in this alliance will help reduce the gaps, strengthen access to quality education and create real chances of success for all our students.

What is CIVIS’s vision?

CIVIS envisions its European University as a space for innovative and responsible teaching, research, cultural exchanges and citizen action within Europe and its institutions. Based on the solid and innovative education and scientific activity in each institution, CIVIS will unite efforts and experiences to develop an alliance with strong links to its local social and geographical environment and an orientation toward global challenges. It will contribute to the social, cultural and economic dynamism at both a local and global scale.

How will it succeed?

The goal of CIVIS is training future generations of European citizens & reinforcing our civic identity by promoting European values while bridging the peoples of Europe. We aim at being a vector of change and innovation with the following priorities:

  • Health
  • Cities, Territories and Mobility
  • Climate, Environment, Energy
  • Digital and Technological Transformations
  • Society, Cultures and Heritage

To do so, we will promote a challenge-based approach, integrating education, research and innovation activities together with its 8 partner universities, and relying on the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. We will build projects contributing to those challenges by creating transnational and transdisciplinary programmes for its students and staff.