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A challenge-based approach to fuel our civic, impact-driven alliance

The CIVIS, European University initiative is stimulated and structured on the foundation of the knowledge square: Education, Research, Innovation and Civic Engagement.
Our actions in designing new study programmes, facilitating research collaborations and fostering civic engagement will focus on five major challenges of local and global reach :

  • Climate, Environment, Energy
  • Health
  • Society, Culture, Heritage
  • Digital and Technological Transformations
  • Cities, Territories, Mobilities

At the local level, these challenges will inter alia be structured in the form of open labs, and with a strong cooperation with regions and civil society as a whole. More info:

At the European level, each of these challenges will be the focus of one “Hub” where multinational and multi-disciplinary educational and research programmes will be developed. More info:

At the global level, CIVIS will address these challenges in mirror collaboration with its African and Mediterranean partner

Shared initiatives to facilitate student and staff collaboration and mobility

To facilitate and enhance the mobility of our students and staff, we will develop innovative pedagogical tools and training methodologies to develop virtual modules and multilingual tools. The mobility will be facilitated with the implementation of a European student card enabling them to access all facilities in all 8 CIVIS member universities. Our IT teams are developing the CIVIS platform which will operate as a digital campus to facilitate collaborative projects and resource sharing among students, academics, researchers and admin staff.

Structural and organisational instruments to support our vision in the long run

CIVIS will establish its own legal status and governance structure ensuring the participation of their university communities, external stakeholders as well as representatives of the civil society.
To ensure the development of high-quality educational pathways and research projects linked to civic engagement, we will develop the CIVIS label as an international reference for cutting-edge research projects and educational programmes. This label will be key to our quality assessment strategy and a driver of internal change.