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Our mission

CIVIS aims to create a truly unique European interuniversity campus where students, academics, researchers and staff will move and collaborate as freely as within their institution of origin. We will develop a deep level of European integration, involving joint learning pathways, development of complementary research facilities and diverse degree pathways.


Our vision

Our universities will become CIVIS’s European campuses.

We envision our European University as a space for innovative and responsible teaching, research, cultural exchanges and citizen action across Europe and its institutions. Based on the solid and innovative education and scientific activity in each institution, CIVIS will unite efforts and experiences to develop a European University with strong links to its local social and geographical environment and an orientation toward global challenges. It will contribute to the social, cultural and economic dynamism at both a local and global scale.


Our goals

  • sharing a long-term strategy on education, research, and innovation
  • creating a European inter-university campus
  • designing new pedagogical and mobility models
  • improving social inclusiveness and geographical balance
  • preparing new generations to future changes with ambitious and European recognised joint educational programmes at BA, MA and PhD level 
  • developing research and innovative projects in response to local, regional and global challenges
  • increasing student mobility with 50% by 2025
  • becoming a participative, inclusive, civic university by 2030

Mission statement

Download our full mission statement here: