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The RIS4CIVIS project 

RIS4CIVIS supports the research and innovation dimension of CIVIS, in line with its shared, integrated, long-term strategy and in synergy with its education dimension.

It's a 3-year project that was awarded a 2 million euros budget by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 "Science with and for Society" programme. 

What's the current state of play for the RIS4CIVIS project, and how is our work supporting research and researchers across the Alliance? The experts leading the project share an update!

Developing a research and innovation strategy for CIVIS

The ultimate goals of the RIS4CIVIS project are to:

  • DEFINE a common Research & Innovation strategy for the CIVIS Alliance 

  • TRANSPOSE the developed CIVIS strategy into an Institutional Transformation Model (to be used as a source of inspiration for other European Alliances and/or Universities)

Through the RIS4CIVIS project, the member universities of the CIVIS Alliance are creating a bold vision for the research aspects of our cooperation.

By assessing our strengths, finding shared priorities for development and improvement, and testing innovative measures, we are developing a roadmap for the future of research and innovation in CIVIS.

This will guide our own strategy and also serve as an inspiration to other alliances and policymakers.

6 transformational modules

RIS4CIVIS integrates the following dimensions as key conditions for successful cooperation between modern, forward-looking Universities.

Module 1: Developing a Common Research and Innovation Strategy

What topics must our strategy address, and how can we work on them together?

Module 2: Sharing infrastructures

Is it possible to facilitate access to research infrastructure across our Alliance, offering researchers new opportunities and increasing the impact of our work?

Module 3: Reinforcing Academia-Business R&I Cooperation

Cooperation with regional ecosystems is a vital link in the innovation chain. How can it be strengthened by European university alliances like CIVIS?

Module 4: Strengthening Human Capital

Which ambitious common standards on working conditions and career development can help CIVIS attract and retain the best research talent?

Module 5: Mainstreaming of Open Science

How can CIVIS take Open Science from vision to practice with a common approach and support for the implementation of this new paradigm in research?

Module 6: Embedding Citizens and Society

Engagement with citizens and civil society is at the heart of CIVIS, so what will this mean in the research domain?

3 stages over 3 years

Discover the 3 stages spread over 3 years, from January 2021-December 2023.

  1. Benchmarking
    Establishing an inventory of current practices and resources while identifying the barriers we face in enhancing cooperation on R&I.
  2. Consensus-building
    Mapping the ways we might work together on R&I and selecting our shared priorities.
  3. Validation through case studies
    Putting our ideas into practice to test and evaluate vital aspects of the proposed strategy.

1 inspiring output

CIVIS R&I Strategy and Institutional Transformational Model to be shared with other European Universities

Discover RIS4CIVIS

Let the experts who lead RIS4CIVIS take you on a tour of the project in our playlist of video interviews.

Contact information

For further information on RIS4CIVIS, please contact:


Co-funded under Horizon2020

The RIS4CIVIS project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 ‘Science with and for Society’ (SWAFS) programme and the CIVIS member universities.

This flagship European programme aims at fostering the cooperation between Science and Society supporting extensive actions in Research and Innovation to tackle European societal challenges. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101016691