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SMARTT kick of meeting Glasgow

10 May 2023
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We are delighted to announce the successful kick-off of the SMARTT project at the University of Glasgow. Our Scottish colleagues extended a warm welcome, setting the stage for an engaging meeting with partners from across Europe. Together, we are embarking on a challenging pilot to elevate the quality of higher education.

During the kick-off event, representatives and experts from CIVIS, participating in this pilot project, united their efforts to shape the project's vision and objectives. One of our primary aims is to establish a unified framework, ensuring consistent quality standards for joint degrees by testing the criteria in EUROSUD, an Eramus Mundus Master lead by the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with other three CIVIS members: UAM, AMU, NKUA. This entails promoting a shared vision and initiating the development of a methodology to analyse the quality criteria provided by the Commission.

The SMARTT consortium is filled with enthusiasm for the transformative opportunities this initiative will offer to higher education institutions, students, and employers throughout Europe. 

In the months ahead, the consortium will work collaboratively to develop the necessary framework, guidelines, and tools for the successful implementation of the European Joint Degree label. Throughout this process, regular updates and consultations with stakeholders will be conducted to ensure an inclusive and transparent approach.

We are eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead as we advance toward a brighter future for joint degrees in Europe. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress on this impactful journey together!