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Explore our podcasts series on RIS4CIVIS transformational modules

22 September 2023
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After nearly three years of research and collaboration among CIVIS universities, RIS4CIVIS is thrilled to announce its launch of a series of podcast. These podcasts will shed light on the dedicated leaders of our six transformational modules who have devoted considerable effort on defining a common research and innovation strategy for the CIVIS Alliance, while facilitating research collaboration.

Within these podcasts, you will be diving into insightful discussions between RIS4CIVIS WP5 leader and modules leaders. In some podcasts, we will be joined by hands-on practitioner providing you with a more practical experience of the module.

Since March 2022, our six-modules have been actively involved in testing and implementing several case studies. Our podcasts will seek to understand case-studies main findings, challenges encountered and core recommendations.

These modules gather a wide range of research topics, from the formulation of a common R&I agenda, resources and infrastructures sharing, collaborative structures, the enhancement of human capital and the strengthening of collaboration between academia and non-academia.