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A new double degree in International Studies and Asian and African Studies (Arab) among the novelties of the 2024-2025 academic year at UAM

5 April 2024
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The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a member of the CIVIS Alliance, opens its doors on the 12th of April to potential students and all people interested in its educational offer. New offerings include the redesing of its Law degrees and new Master's degrees in Research Techniques on Basic Psychological Processes and in Intelligent Interactive Systems.

UAM is welcoming its guests with more than 50 activities on campus. Not only are the students targeted, but also their families or centres that want to learn about the facilities and resources of the university, as well as participate in experiences related to the studies that interest them.

The recruiting period started in March, with the International Student Fair and Educational Offering:

The Education Week is an event in which students get in touch with the range of studies offered by the universities and allows them to get an idea of the university panorama in order to choose the university where they want to study. From the UAM we try to provide very detailed information about our offer of studies with presence for the attention of people who have all been students of the UAM and that in this way pose a much closer image to the pre-university student", say UAM Estudiantes. 

Durign the international studies fair organised in March, the Laboratory of Forensic Archaeology of the UAM (directed by Professor Angel Fuentes), in collaboration with the Municipal Police of Madrid organised five workshops to show how archaeology professionals and security forces work together. The excellence and diversity of the research areas promoted by UAM's centres were also highlighted during several activities organised by the Scientific Culture Unit. 

News for the 2024-2025 academic year

The new features of UAM's academic offerings are:

  • the new Double Degree in International Studies and Asian and African Studies (Arab);
  • a redesign of the Law School degrees, with the aim of incorporating, both in the Degree in Law and the Degree in Political Science and Public Administration, with the possibility of obtaining mentions on specific areas of knowledge within these degrees;
  • two new master's degrees: Research Techniques on Basic Psychological Processes and the Intelligent Interactive Systems;
  • the incorporation of 11 continuing education degrees in various areas - information to be provided. 

The UAM is one of the best universities in Spain and is ranked in excellent positions internationally in the rankings, with countless possibilities and itineraries that its students can follow to achieve their training and employability goals. According to the latest data available from the UAM Employability Observatory, 75% of its undergraduates have entered the labour market, with an average active search period for their first job of 2.5 months.

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