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Cups & Cakes 1: “Shedding light on developing cortical circuits”

10 May 2021

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Type of event
Cups & Cakes Webinar
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
10 May 2021

About the Cup&Cakes webinar series

The Cups&Cakes meetings seek to create a discussion forum for CIVIS researchers to connect and get an overview of what is happening in other partner universities on a specific topic. In the longer term, these exchanges also aim to foster exchanges and develop potential collaborations within the CIVIS Alliance.

Presentation abstract

Advances in molecular genetics and imaging have allowed for the dissection of neuronal connectivity with unprecedented detail while in vivo recordings are providing much-needed clues as to how sensory, motor, and cognitive function is encoded in neuronal firing. However, bridging the gap between the cellular and behavioral levels ultimately requires an understanding of the functional organization of the underlying neuronal circuits. In this talk, I will present experimental evidence for the existence of hub neurons, cells critically contributing to the maturation of functional cortical circuits during brain development.


This event is only offered to the CIVIS Community, please contact Julie Hyzewicz for more information.

Rosa Cossart is the Director of the Institute of Mediterranean Neurobiology (INMED), affiliated to INSERM and Aix-Marseille Université, a pioneering Institute in the field of Systems Developmental Neuroscience.  After graduating in Mathematics and Physics from the Ecole Centrale Paris, she studied the functional rewiring of GABAergic circuits in epilepsy during her PhD with Drs. Bernard and Ben-Ari. As a postdoctoral fellow with Pr. Yuste at Columbia University, she pioneered the use of calcium imaging to study cortical circuit function. Her lab made seminal contributions to the understanding of how development scaffolds hippocampal circuits.  They discovered “hub cells” and more recently “assemblies” forming the functional building blocks of hippocampal function. 

Information and registration

  • Monday 10 May, 2021 - 10:00-11:00 CET
  • Registration: as this event is only offered to the CIVIS Community, please contact Julie Hyzewicz for more information.