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What is CIVIS ?

CIVIS is an alliance of 11 leading universities across Europe.

CIVIS was created in the context of the "European Universities Initiative" introduced and mainly funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme. The "European Universities Initiative" aim is to strengthen the strategic partnerships of European universities and increase the international competitiveness of European higher education.

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CIVIS: a whole lot of opportunities for students

Are you a student at one of the 11 CIVIS member universities? Then you are part of the CIVIS community as a CIVIS student!

As a CIVIS student, you have access to a range of opportunities that will allow you to grow within a rich multicultural and multilingual environment. Our member universities work hand in hand to create and offer CIVIS students joint programmes/courses of short duration with physical, virtual or blended mobility.

Our CIVIS programmes are free and open to all students enrolled in one of our member universities. Your participation will be accredited with the CIVIS Passport.

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Get involved in CIVIS

Student involvement is an important aspect of the CIVIS alliance. The CIVIS Student Council represents the overall interests of the students of our 10 member universities to the CIVIS authorities. The CIVIS Ambassadors, on the other hand, represent CIVIS to other fellow students. 

By getting involved in CIVIS, you will help us assess our work and share your vision of how CIVIS should evolve. You will also have the opportunity to bring innovative ideas to the table through social events such as CIVIS days and other activities.

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CIVIS Student Council

CIVIS Ambassadors

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