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Blended Intensive Programmes

Are you a student at a CIVIS member university? Would you like to add some variety to your study programme? Do you want to visit another country to learn alongside students from across Europe? Then the CIVIS BIPs might be for you!


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What is a BIP?

We are not talking about alarm clocks or car horns here. Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) is a new format of Erasmus+ mobility.

Every BIP combines online teaching with a short period of physical mobility, where you can spend 5 days at another university with students from across the CIVIS Alliance. By combining online sessions with a short trip for face-to-face teaching, this innovative format opens up opportunities for international study to new groups of students.

Who runs the BIPs and what will I learn?

Each BIP is developed, organised and taught by academics at three or more CIVIS member universities. Academics across the Alliance meet through the CIVIS Hubs to work together and develop these exciting new educational programmes for students.

We believe in education with impact, so the CIVIS Hubs and all CIVIS programmes, among which the BIPs, are developed to respond to one of the 5 CIVIS Challenges. These are some of the biggest issues facing our societies and our world:

  • Health
  • Cities, Territories and Mobility
  • Climate, Environment, Energy
  • Digital and Technological Transformations
  • Societies, Culture and Heritage

To tackle these issues, we believe in interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Anchored in academic excellence, our courses often cross the borders of traditions subjects, university cycles or faculties. You could find yourself learning alongside an artist and an engineer, and you could leave with a totally new view on your own studies!

Explore the catalogue of CIVIS courses

Who can participate in a CIVIS BIP?

CIVIS BIPs are open to students & staff at any of the CIVIS member universities, although special criteria and processes apply to students from a member university outside the European Union. 

Most of our BIPs are open to at least two different cycles of studies (Bachelor/Master, Master/PhD), so there is no reason to not find something that doesn’t fit your need!

For some BIPs you need a background in particular subjects, while others are open to everyone interested in the topic. Detailed eligibility criteria are provided for each course, so make sure to read the catalogue carefully before applying.

How will my participation be recognised?

CIVIS BIPs are rigorous academic teaching modules, recognised by the European Commission and all CIVIS member universities.


A CIVIS BIP corresponds to at least 3 and up to 6 ECTS credits and you will receive a certificate showing this. Recognition of these ECTS credits as part of your study programme depends on the policies and procedures of each CIVIS member university. Find out more about your home university's policy on credit recognition of CIVIS courses.

CIVIS Passport

Each participation in a CIVIS BIP will be added to the student's CIVIS Passport. The CIVIS Passport is an innovative tool that records all CIVIS activities (credited and non-credited), which students receive upon graduation. The CIVIS Passport is one of the very first tools for recording and recognising learning experiences at a European level.

Learn more about the CIVIS Passport

How do I apply for a CIVIS BIP?

All BIP applications take place through the CIVIS mobility portal, which you can access directly from the listings in the CIVIS Course Catalogue :

Explore the catalogue of CIVIS courses

There will be various waves of BIPs openings, each one with a specific application period. The first applications periods for the 2022-2023 academic year are:

  • 1-30 September 2022 (some courses have a deadline on 20 September)
  • 1-30 November 2022

Applications will not be accepted outside these periods. Each application period will offer a different selection of BIPs, so do not wait to apply if you see a course you like!

How will my BIP be organised?

  1. As soon as you spot a BIP which interests you, get in touch with your program coordinator at your home university to check whether this can be part of your study programme
  2. You apply through the CIVIS mobility portal
  3. If your application is successful, you will be shortly notified
  4. You sign a learning agreement and complete the Erasmus+ paperwork with your home university.
  5.  You will then participate in online learning from home before or after travelling to another CIVIS member university for a 5-days face-to-face session alongside professors and students from across the Alliance.

The duration of the online learning sessions depends on each CIVIS course. Physical mobility is a maximum of 5 days.

What support will I receive?

Participating students will receive a mobility grant of 70 EUR per day of physical mobility (5 days).

Students who opt for a green travel will receive up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover travel days for a return trip, if relevant.


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