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General information

University: University of glasgow

Open to: Academics and Policy Makers

Language(s): English Number of participants

Not defined

Date: April 17th, 2024. 15:00 CET

Brief description

The goal of this workshop is to pedagogically increase the inherent inclusivity in the design of your learning activities, better enabling you to make informed decisions about reasonable adjustments and accommodations geared towards learning, and reducing your reliance on ‘tick-list’ inclusivity. This workshop will take a hard look at the theory and practice of learning. Starting with the fundamental assumptions of social constructivism, you’ll draw on sociology, neuroscience, and psychology, to more substantially understand how the concept of inclusivity is not a bolt-on or afterthought, but rather a necessity for learning.


People interested in attending this workshop are invited to register through the online form.


Dr Errol Scott Rivera, Umloda Ibrahim (Administrator)