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The first robotic surgical system in a Greek University Hospital inaugurated at NKUA

27 June 2024
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Since this May, the patients and doctors of the NKUA's Aretaieio University Hospital experience surgery at a new level, thanks to the Da Vinci robot, a flexible surgical system that sets a new standard in minimally invasive care. It is the first robotic surgery system ever installed in a Greek University Hospital, allowing for an increased variety of procedures. It will be freely available to all patients in Greece and serve as a training resource for students at the NKUA’s School of Medicine, residents from the Departments of Surgery, and general surgeons.
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Investments for the public health system

The installation of the Da Vinci robotic surgical system at Aretaieio University Hospital lays the groundwork for patients in Greece to enjoy free access to robotic surgery, including rapid application of treatment with the most accurate practices and minimally invasive surgery, and is part of an endeavour launched by the Greek Government and the NKUA’s School of Medicine to reduce inequalities in Health and Education. Public health needs investments and vision, in order to achieve early diagnosis and effective treatment - particularly of cancer, which Aretaieio University Hospital specialises in.

We are witnessing today a significant step forward for the NKUA’s School of Medicine with the adoption of a pioneering robotic system. This historic University Hospital, as a research centre of excellence, provides the perfect setting for realizing the full potential of this technology for the benefit of the patients.We are proud that Aretaieio, the first University Hospital in Greece, continues to pioneer education, research, and high-quality health care", stressed the Rector of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Professor Gerasimos Siasos. 

The Da Vinci X is a fourth-generation robotic surgery system that improves surgical precision and safety, provides access to specialised therapies, and creates new opportunities for training and learning.

NKUA © 2024
NKUA © 2024

A better offer for medical students and doctors

With its new robotic system in place, Aretaieio Hospital strengthens its educational offering, by providing medical students and doctors in Greece the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new technologies and train in modern surgical techniques. 

NKUA seeks to provide equal access to innovation for patients and high-quality education for students and doctors. Innovation and the introduction of technology can lead to significant measurable benefits for both public health and education.

More details are available in the original story, in Greek. A presentation video is also available. 

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