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“Eco-Emois” a ULB podcast focused on youth and the climate crisis

21 June 2024
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Fear, but also sadness, anger, and even hope and optimism: this is the range of emotions that climate change and the loss of biodiversity can arouse in children and teenagers. In the Éco-Émois podcast, researchers from the Faculty of Psychology explore how young people feel about these climate and ecological issues and how they impact their lives. The first episode is now available. 

We're hearing more and more about eco-anxiety, the anxiety linked to climate change and the negative consequences it can have on our daily lives, which particularly affects young adults. But what about children and young people under the age of 18? Are they worried, angry, sad, optimistic or confident? Does this affect their sleep, their concentration in class, their social life with friends and family? How do they cope with these emotions, and for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by fear or anger, how do they adapt?

The Éco-Émois mini series looks at the emotions and experiences of children and teenagers in relation to climate change and the loss of biodiversity. The three episodes will run at the pace of the research, between June and Christmas 2024. And the first one, presenting the objectives of the study carried out at ULB on these issues, and the resources put in place to address them, was just released. 

Sneak peek

In the next episode, which will be available in next autumn, the research team will present how it conducted the study and the challenges faced to understand these emotions, their impact on everyday life and the coping strategies used by children and the adults around them: their parents, teachers and school psychologists.

The podcast was produced by six researchers at the Université libre de Bruxelles, with the support of the Houtman Fund and the Office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance in Belgium. 

More details are available in the original story, in French

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