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Explore the CIVIS Open Labs in other cities

The CIVIS Open Lab at UNIL is a platform designed to enhance existing transdisciplinary and participatory research projects, as well as citizen science initiatives, by incorporating an international dimension into their activities. Our mission includes establishing connections with European partners and providing support and guidance for these projects to promote transnational and interdisciplinary collaborations.

We actively collaborate with various entities within the University of Lausanne, including the university's academic community, local Open Labs, and their partners. These collaborations aim to foster a rich environment for innovation and knowledge exchange.

L’éprouvette, the Science and Society Laboratory

L'éprouvette offers a wide range of educational and practical activities to help citizens understand and experiment with science. This unique opportunity allows individuals to acquire knowledge in an interactive, fun, and practical way, enabling them to make informed personal and civic decisions and become active participants in society.

La Grange, the Arts-Sciences Center

La Grange is a center for research and experimentation. It is a free and open space where researchers and artists collaborate and create together. They explore potential objective starting points and the plurality of their compositions, whether human or non-human.


Le ColLaboratoire, the Collaborative and Participatory Action Research Unit

 Le ColLaboratoire aims to promote collaborative and participatory action research through innovative, inclusive approaches that have a strong social impact.

Interface, the Partnership Research Support Fund

Interface aims to develop innovative research projects, both in terms of subject and methods of implementation. These research projects will be carried out between members of the UNIL community and people working in the field.