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General information

University: Stockholm University in partnership with University of Glasgow and Aix-Marseille Université

Language: English

Open to: Academics from CIVIS universities Number of participants: 30

Date: 26 April 2022, 9:00 - 14:00 CET

Brief description

This workshop offers tools for analyzing and developing the course
design of your teaching. The workshop is online and based
on the ABC method for course design. Please, bring your colleagues
and take the workshop as a collaborative thinking and design activity.

  • Create courses that support learning - It can be difficult to create courses with a good structure and an inspiring mix of learning activities that support students’ learning. Luckily, there are both research and practitioner experiences from around the world to help you in this work. The ABC method is about finding ways to work systematically to document, share and contribute to the development of teaching competence. In this workshop, we introduce a successful and well-tried workshop method for course design, the so-called ABC method. We have adapted the workshop to an online format. During the workshop, you and your colleagues work on an online storyboard that makes it easy to design and get an overview of the entire course with a clear structure and suggested activities. The storyboard is then used to plan and re-design the course content.
  • The ABC method has been developed at University College of London (UCL) to develop a clear and well-planned course design quickly. The ABC method works with six different cards aimed at describing activities that lead to learning and that can be used in both physical and digital spaces: acquisition, collaboration, discussion, investigation, practice production.


People interested in attending the second workshop are invited to register through the online form.