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Digital and technological transformations are a central feature of social contemporary processes and are unfolding at historically unprecedented speed, at global scope and at a time in which Europe and the world face critical challenges. It is part of the CIVIS mission to actively participate in the conversation that shapes the response to these challenges and the work of Hub 5 - Digital and Technological Transformations (DTT) - aims to play a leading role in how higher education institutions define their own role for the future, as well as solutions to our changing world.

Hub 5 has an objective to produce coherent educational streams and academic outputs that explore the implementation of digital technologies in different areas of life (work, commerce, education, governance, etc.). It will also help deepen our understanding of how digital technologies are incorporated into cultural processes and transformations, including creative work, communication, social relations or our unfolding life-course.

The Hub also maintains a "critical and ethical gaze" on the social impact of digital technologies and transformations in society, monitoring how digital technologies impact on personal liberties, civil rights, lead to new inequalities or pose challenges to tolerance and conviviality.

Hub 5 is eminently transversal and interdisciplinary and academics connected to the Hub come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It includes researchers from computer and data sciences, engineering, mathematics and other natural sciences. Yet, it also includes academics from the social sciences and humanities, such as sociology, psychology, education, communication, philosophy or law. The Hub aims to develop an educational offer that is relevant, perhaps necessary to students across degrees and is embedded in a life-long learning perspective.


Hub 5 was launched in October 2022 and is currently developing its educational strategy for this stage of the CIVIS Alliance. Among the ongoing and planned activities, the Hub has started an annual postgraduate/doctoral webinar series and plans to implement a cycle of seasonal workshops. Currently, Hub 5's proposed flagship programme focuses on modular offerings around different areas of concern connected to digital and technological transformation. This should facilitate that all students and members of the CIVIS community can have access to a basic understanding of digitalisation processes and technological transformations, irrespective of their disciplinary background and course of studies.


Hub 5 has a full Hub Council with two academic representatives from each CIVIS member universities and two student representatives from the student council.

The Hub is led by two co-chairs, David Poveda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Lucian Ciolan (University of Bucharest). Future plans include incorporating relevant stakeholders into the Hub Council and establishing a collaboration channel between the Hub and the African partner universities.

Get involved and learn more

To learn more about Hub 5 and find ways to collaborate in the work of the Hub contact:


David Poveda, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (

Lucian Ciolan, University of Bucharest (

Hub Coordinators

Elena Luque, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (

Simona Maria Cotorobai, University of Bucharest (