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General information

University: University of Glasgow

Open to: Teachers

Languages: English Number of participants: No limit

Dates: 1 October 2021, 12:00-13.30 BST


This workshop aims to showcase and amplify students' voices to motivate, inform, and propel academics and universities' commitments to sustainability.


The UofG Sustainability in Learning & Teaching Community of Practice invites teachers across CIVIS' campuses to this upcoming Practice Workshop, which will be led by a group of brilliant student activists with a passion for sustainability.

This event has emerged from the recognition that many of us are fortunate to have students and graduates that are activists, experts, and practitioners in sustainability – and it has been these people that have compelled and transformed our own perspectives. All of our students are stakeholders, preparing to inherit the world that we are currently leading. Let’s listen to them. These students connect us, challenge us, and guide us in our teaching in relation to sustainability.

Pecha Kucha style event that will be held online. 


People interested in attending the workshop are invited to register through Eventbrite


Sarah Hubbard, Change and Organisation Design Lead