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“Top World Ranking of Scientists 2%” places UB scientists among the most remarkable in the world

15 January 2024
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According to the latest Top World Ranking of Scientists 2%, 33 of the 238 top researchers in Romania are members of the academic community of the University of Bucharest.
photo: UB


The ranking, made by Stanford University (California, USA), together with Elsevier Publishing and the scientific research organization SciTech Strategies, analyzed the works of over 10 million scientists in 22 fields and 176 subfields, submitted between 1996-2022 - thus providing a comprehensive database of the most important articles written worldwide.

The nominated University of Bucharest teaching staff and researchers are mentioned in two of the analyzed categories: the Opera Omnia and the Category for 2022.

An open access database

The list with the 13 researchers of the University of Bucharest included in the Opera Omnia Category can be consulted here, and the list in which are included the 20 UB researchers in the Category for 2022 can be found here. The two categories provide insight into the impact of the world's most widely read researchers over their entire careers or in 2022.

The Top World Ranking of Scientists 2% is an open access database that provides information on the impact of the most read scientists worldwide, over their entire careers or for a single year.

Meet the UB nominated staff by reading the original story, in Romanian