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Highlights from across the PolyCIVIS Network

29 May 2024
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At PolyCIVIS, the value of our work lies in the ideas we share and the connections we forge. Over the past few months, our network of 21 partner universities has been actively engaged in numerous activities, fostering a dynamic environment where the academic and professional worlds converge. 
In this article, we delve into the insights and achievements from our third virtual Consortium Meeting and highlight the impactful external engagements of our vibrant PolyCIVIS community. 

Consortium Council Reflection


                                               Photo: François Heinderyckx © 2024

PolyCIVIS’ consortium members held the project’s third annual meeting virtually on May 22, 2024. Building consensus, creating common understanding and securing consistency throughout the network are the key outcomes of this meeting, which served as an opportunity for the consortium partners to delve into various topics, covering everything from internal planning to dissemination activitiesand more in depth collaboration within our network members. 

Read the full article here

PolyCIVIS at the National Day for the Promotion of Research in Tunisia

Recently, the University of Sfax, an African partner of the PolyCIVIS Αlliance, made a valuable contribution to the "National Day for the Promotion of Research'' that was held in Tunisia, on the 15th May. This event brought together all national universities and research centers. The University of Sfax’s exhibition stand showcased a variety of research projects, emphasizing the importance of research valorization. 

“The PolyCIVIS project is a great example of how we could effectively link academic research with practical implementation. It is also a reminder that when we produce collective, informed, evidence-based strategies, we can valorize the impact of the produced knowledge and effectively face these global challenges. Here, at the University of Sfax we wish to work together with our PolyCIVIS partners to bridge the gap between researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers. Developing alliances such as the one of our Network, could help us face today’s various crises not only at a regional level but a global one as well.” - Professor Ines Ellouze, Department of Mathematics at University of Sfax and co-leader of PolyCIVIS’ WP5

Professor Ines Ellouze, the co-leader of PolyCIVIS’ Communication and Dissemination Work Package from the University of Sfax, played a pivotal role in promoting PolyCIVIS at this event. Professor Ellouze highlighted the project's goals of researching the polycrisis and addressing their interconnected consequences. Also, in her discussion with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Tunisia, Mr. Moncef Boukthir, Professor Ellouze addressed the significance of developing alliances, at both national and international levels, to valorize research outcomes.

A look at the different crises from an academic point of view

In the face of the polycrisis as well as significant political changes, 35 academics and researchers from 12 different countries participated in the international conference "One World, Many Crises: Politics, Law and Beyond" at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (March 2024) calling for greater action and noting that concrete policy responses are needed for a sustainable future. Professor Emmanuella Dousis wrote an article to reflect on the topics raised during the conference which we will soon be sharing at PolyCIVIS Newsletter.

The session recordings are available at this link.

Join our growing community of experts across Africa and Europe

Through our Communication and Dissemination channels, we will continue to evaluate the impact these activities seem to be having across academic, policy and research communities. Do join us by subscribing to the PolyCIVIS newsletter here.