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UNIL’s Ecological and Social Transition Assembly in a nutshell: a 30-minute documentary tells it all

17 January 2024
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In October 2022, the University of Lausanne randomly selected 60 individuals to form the participative assembly. It's objective was to propose a series of ambitious and transformative measures in order to bring the impact of UNIL’s activities within the ecological boundaries of the planet, while addressing its social mission.
photo: Nora Rupp for UNIL
After a year of work, the participative assembly submitted a final report to the Rectorate, with 28 major thematic objectives. They propose specific, often measurable targets with a set timeframe along with 146 action plans on how to get it done.

The results

The work proved complex, but the final result demonstrates that a high level of shared ambition can be achieved by an Assembly whose members have completely different backgrounds, experiences, expertise and perspectives. The work of the Assembly shows that a fair and sustainable future is possible for all.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the year of training and collective work by the 60 members: