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Functional Neuroanatomy: an overview of the main brain systems

24 February to 10 March 2023

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Open to
CIVIS students
24 February to
10 March 2023
Due to high interest in this course, registrations have been closed.

Functional Neuroanatomy: an overview of the main brain systems

February 24 - March 10 2023

The nervous system is a complex organ ensuring the integration of incoming environmental information and the coordination of subsequent responses. Nowadays, it has become clear that these functions are not related to restricted brain areas but implemented in wide brain systems. The integrated functioning of distributed brain structures gives rise to functional systems leading to behavioral or motor abilities.

This educational course includes 13 lessons (2 hours/each).

It aims to give the PhD students a general understanding of the functional and structural organization of these brain systems.

The prerequisite is a general background in neuroscience.

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Times are indicated for Paris (UTC+1).

Friday, 24 February 2023     

  • 11:00: Basics of neuroanatomy (Dr Peter Bede, Trinity College Dublin)

 Wednesday, 1 March 2023     

  • 11:00: The auditory system (Dr Pascal Belin, INT)
  • 14:00 : Memory/attention in non human primates (Dr Guilhem Ibos, INT)
  • 16:00 : Memory in humans (Dr Olivier Félician, INS)

 Friday, 3 March 2023     

  • 11:00 : Motor control in human and non human primates (Dr Thomas Brochier, INT)
  • 14:00 : Functional connectivity (Dr Jan-Patrick Stellmann, CRMBM)
  • 16:00 : The thalamus (Dr Romain Carron, INMED)

 Wednesday, 8 March 2023     

  • 11:00 : Basal ganglia, motor and clinical aspects (Dr Alexandre Eusebio, INT)
  • 14:00 : Basal ganglia, non motor aspects and motivation (Dr Paul Apicella, INT)
  • 16:00 : Somatosensory systems (Dr Anne Kavounoudias, LNC)

Friday, 10 March 2023

  • 11:00 : The visual system (Dr Frédéric Chavane, INT)
  • 14:00 : Executive control (Dr Emmanuel Procyk, Lyon)
  • 16:00 : Functional neuroanatomy applied to the clinic (Dr Adil Maarouf, CRMBM)

Practical details

  • Teaching language: English
  • Number of hours: 26 hours in total
  • Max participants:  18 on-site, 15 online
  • Target audience:  Biology and cognitive science PhD students at CIVIS universities
  • Priority audience: Neuroscience PhD students from Aix Marseille Université


To register, please fill out the online form by 20 January 2023.