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CIVIS gender studies lectures: Women in American Studies - History of a discipline from a gender perspective

21 June 2023

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CIVIS community
21 June 2023

This webinar is part of the CIVIS gender studies lectures, organised by the CIVIS Gender Studies Network (CGSN). It aims to bring together and make visible ongoing gender research carried out in the CIVIS member universities.

Women in American Studies: History of a discipline from a gender perspective

21 June 2023, 17:00 CET

The talk provides an overview of the history of American Studies as a discipline from a gendered perspective by discussing...

  1. The inclusion of women in that history as protagonists, i.e. as teachers, researchers, etc;
  2. The inclusion of women as topics, for example researching female novelists and artists;
  3. The inclusion of gender as a method, i.e. as a category for analyzing topics within American Studies.


Ralph J. Poole is an American-German researcher who teaches as Professor of American Studies at the University of Salzburg, Austria. He taught at the University of Munich, Germany, at Fatih University in Istanbul, Turkey, and was a research scholar at CUNY’s Center for Advanced Studies in Theater Arts in Manhattan. His publications include a study on the Avant-Garde tradition in American theatre, a book on satirical and autoethnographic “cannibal” texts, a collection of essays on “dangerous masculinities”, and another collection on “queer Turkey”. Having wrapped up a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund on “Gender and Comedy in the Age of the American Revolution”, he is currently researching the Austrian Heimatfilm from a trans-European and genderqueer perspective.


This webinar is open to all the CIVIS community (students, academics and staff).

The webinar will take place digitally on Zoom on 21 June 2023 at 17:00 CET, hosted by Minerva - Laboratory on diversity and Gender Inequality at Sapienza Università Di Roma.

To receive a Zoom link and passcode, please register before the seminar by writing to: