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MOOC stands for ‘massive open online course’. These courses are free, accessible to everyone and completely online, offering you a flexible way to build your knowledge in all sorts of areas.

CIVIS is also experimenting with the MOOC format. Our MOOCs are built by our member universities for students, academics, and staff members who would like to prepare for a new educational path, develop career skills or explore a new interest. In fact the CIVIS MOOCs are usually open to everyone, including the general public. So you do not need to be part of a member university to enjoy a CIVIS experience!

What is more, most MOOCs do not have any fixed entry requirements for our MOOCs. In most cases, you can register whatever your field and level of study. In fact, you do not need to be a registered student at all.

Main characteristics of our MOOCs

  • They are available on demand
  • There is no limit on attendance
  • They are free and available for anyone to enroll
  • They last for a few weeks or offer a totally flexible schedule
  • They are transdisciplinary
  • They include a range of online media and interactive tools
  • You get support from the community of learners

For some MOOCs, you can also interact with university professors for additional support.


At the completion of a CIVIS MOOC, you will receive a certificate that will also be included in the CIVIS Passport, a digital certification tool that will give you a comprehensive visual record of your achievements in the educational opportunities offered by the CIVIS Alliance.


Discover our MOOCs!

Climate and energy - An Interdisciplinary perspective

Currently open for registration