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Workshop: Digital Technologies for active and collaborative learning

19 mayo 2021

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Type of event
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
19 mayo 2021

The one-day online workshop aims at training lecturers who wants to experiment with meaningful use of technologies to enhance active and collaborative learning, within a particular educational approach: the Trialogical Learning Approach (Paavola & Hakkarainen, 2005)


  • The Trialogical Learning Approach: How to flexibly use technologies to support collaborative learning and co-construction of (cognitive and/or concrete) artefacts

  • Strategies and tips to foster online collaboration

  • Distance education from A to Z: a quick glance from the educational design to the learning assessment

  • Examples of activities and tools (Moodle, Google Suite for collaboration, Mentimeter, etc.) at a University level.

Focus on innovative pedagogies

The Trialogical Learning Approach aims at developing pedagogical models and tools for organizing learners' activities around shared objects of activity (like texts, conceptual artefacts or practices) that are created for some meaningful purpose or reason. In this way, it focuses on both individual and social processes, conceptual knowledge and social practices, needed to foster collaborative creativity. This model was developed within the Knowledge-Practices laboratory by Kai Hakkarainen and Sami Paavola.

Organiser: Sapienza University of Rome

Time: 09:00 - 12:30 CET

Language: English/Italian

Nb of participants: 40

NB: the link to the online workshop will be sent by e-mail shortly after the deadline.

For any enquiries, please contact the coordinators of this workshop: