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In this category, we will disseminate the outputs of the project and disseminate the results from the deliverables of the Work Packages (WPs).

This will include products, reports, analyses, recommendations, or any other objectives achieved by each WP and team.

This information will be disseminated as part of the communication and dissemination efforts of the project, in order to inform and update relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

Final recommendations of the SMARTT project Deliverable 7 (D3.2.)

CIVIS Report of quantitative and qualitative analysis

D4 - D2.1. - Report of quantitative & qualitative analysis (EUROSUD).

Deliverable 12 (D2.3.) SMARTT Report on EUROSUD Programme

Press release

SMARTT recommends exploring a new funding model and ensuring the connection with the labor market in the making of a European Degree Label

Preliminary SMARTT recommendations based on EUROSUD

Development of dissemination plan

SMARTT Development of dissemination plan

SMARTT vision on European Degree Label criteria

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