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Social challenges of digital and technological transformations: From the Laboratory Desk to Life

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CIVIS focus area
Digital and Technological transformation
Open to
  • Phd
  • PhD candidates/students
Course dates
15 January to 28 June 2024

This doctoral webinar series is structured as an annual event and showcases the ground-breaking work conducted by CIVIS faculty connected to Digital and Technological Transformations (DTT).

One Friday per month we will have an online session, with speakers of different CIVIS Universities, in relation to Challenges of Digital and Technological Transformations. The series closes with a round-table discussion with all participating speakers. The focus of each annual series changes, allowing doctoral researchers and postgraduate students to participate in each edition of the webinar.

The 2023-24 edition will showcase how researchers in the 'natural' sciences use ground-breaking digital technologies and applications and how these research developments find their applications in different sectors of industry, technology and civil society. This year's edition will include four plenary sessions in which lead speakers will present their research and dialogue with a relevant stakeholder connected to the applications of their work. The webinar cycle will conclude with a round-table discussion with all participants in the webinar series.


Monthly 90-minute sessions starting Fridays at 9:00 GMT / 10:00 ECT / 11:00 EET

23 February 2024

Oncology Meets the Digital Era

BIANCA GALATEANU - Faculty of Biology, Department of Biochemistry

In conversation with Elena Ovreiu, The National University of Science and Technology - Politehnica Bucharest / Co-founder of BioDyssey.

22 March 2024

Nature-inspired technological transformation

FABIENNE MICHELINI - Associate Professor, Researcher at the Institute of Materials, Microelectronics, and Nanosciences of Provence 

In conversation with Dr. Josene Maria Toldo, Institute of Radicalar Chemistry, Aix-Marseille University.

5 April 2024

Molecular Astrophysics or When Quantum Mechanics Meets Astrophysics

CRISTINA SANZ - Department of Applied Chemistry and Physics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

In conversation with Marcelino Agundez, Institute of Fundamental Physics - CSIC (Spain)

17 May 2024

How Fab Labs and Digital Fabrication are transforming the way we learn, collaborate and work?

DENIS TERWAGNE - Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences 

In conversation with Nicolas De Coster, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

14 June 2024


All participants

Dates: 5 January to 28 June 2024 Language: English (B2)
Format: Virtual Contact pointDavid Poveda
ECTS: 1  

Methodology / Requirements

The webinar is open to all doctoral/postgraduate students from any university associated with CIVIS. Maximum number of participants: 150 students. The course is organized as an online webinar series. Participating students must have the technological means to connect to the course through a videoconference platform. An additional pre-registration to each session to receive the video conference link will be necessary. A reading packet will be distributed among registered participants. In order to receive a certificate of attendance, registrants must attend at least 4 of the 5 scheduled sessions.

The total workload and certification of this series is 1 ECTS.

Registrations are closed