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On going processes of decarbonisation by 2050. A European approach

6 October 2020
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The Sapienza University of Rome is organising a webinar on the on going processes of decarbonisation by 2050. A European approach on Monday 19 October at 9:30 am.

Europe is committed to ending the 2050 decarbonization process to tackle climate change. Most of this process concerns the elimination of fossil fuels in the transformation of energy and the search for appropriate smart energy systems. How does this theme fit into the wider issue of climate change? At which state the European Countries are? Is there a form of cooperation between countries to achieve a technical-scientific synergy?

The online event, organized by Sapienza aims to give the first answers.

Discussion talks:

  • The goal of a carbon neutrality target
    • Alasdair Skelton, Stockholm University (CIVIS member University)
  • Are Europe’s ecosystems healthy? An analysis based on trends in ecosystem condition and ecosystem services
    • Joachim Maes, European Commission
  • Ecosystem Services in urban areas and environmental quality
    • Fausto Manes, Sapienza University of Rome (CIVIS member University)
  • Clean Energy Technologies updates
    • Christos N. Markides, Imperial College London
  • H2-fueled buses and adequate bus terminals in European Cities at the horizon 2030
    • Patrick Hendrick, Université Libre de Bruxelles (CIVIS member University)


The webinar is opened to all. People interested in attending the event must register through the online form by 15 October.
NB: the link of the virtual room will be sent to your email address.