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Sapienza Università di Roma : Giorgio Parisi wins Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

6 October 2021
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On October 5 2021, Giorgio Parisi, Professor at Sapienza Università di Roma, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 for his revolutionary contributions to the theory of disordered materials and random processes. More specifically," for the discovery of the interplay of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from atomic to planetary scales".

Photo credit: Stefania Sepulcri

Born in Rome in 1948, Giorgio Parisi got his PhD in Physics in 1970 at Sapienza Università di Roma, where he is now Professor of Theoretical Physics. Throughout his career, Giorgio Parisi has made many decisive and widely recognised contributions in different physics areas, and he has received numerous awards.

Giorgio Parisi shares half of this year's Nobel Prize with Syukuro Manabe (Princeton University, USA) and Klaus Hasselmann (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany), awarded “for the physical modelling of Earth’s climate, quantifying variability and reliably predicting global warming”. The award recognises the three scientists’ “groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems”.

On the same day, a special ceremony was held live from the Aula Magna at la Sapienza Università di Roma, to celebrate Giorgio Parisi. The Nobel Prize winner concluded the ceremony by remembering Nicola Cabibbo, his mentor, and thanking all the people who have collaborated with him during his scientific career. 

The CIVIS member universities now count a total of 38 Nobel Prize winners amongst their current and former researchers, making our Alliance a real scientific heavyweight!

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Photo credit: Stefania Sepulcri


For further information, read the press release of Sapienza Università di Roma: Giorgio Parisi is Nobel Prize in Physics