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CIVIS starts the year with an impressive wave of mobility initiatives

22 September 2022
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As students, academics and staff get back to work this September, CIVIS is in the final weeks of its first cycle of EU funding. Our member universities have already committed to the long-term future of the Alliance, and the European Commission has awarded us at least four more years of funding. Now we are hosting a flurry of meetings and events, gathering academics, staff and students from across the Alliance to get ready for the next phase of our development. What better way to start the new academic year?

September’s meetings welcome many members of the CIVIS community who have already been involved in our activities. However, we also see many newcomers who are interested in joining the adventure and contributing to our inter-university campus and the opportunities it can offer. In total, this one month will see over 40 mobility initiatives with more than 250 participants.

These meetings show what a European University Alliance really means in practice. Participants meet their European counterparts to exchange best practices, train together or imagine and design joint initiatives. Thanks to the administrative and financial support of the Alliance, we’re taking networking and cooperation to the next level!

The events include:

  • Academic workshops and practical trainings
  • Disciplinary meetings for academics
  • Research seminars
  • Student gatherings
  • Administrative meetings for staff

All CIVIS member universities got the opportunity to host at least one of the many mobility initiatives, anchoring the Alliance into local communities and reinforcing our diversity and openness. Various CIVIS delegations - composed of students, academics and staff – have also been meeting with some of the strategic African partner universities. Together, they got a first concrete glimpse of what our ambitious partnership agreement, signed last March in Marseille, could mean in the coming consolidation phase of our Alliance.

After three years, the CIVIS Alliance could not have come this far without the grassroots involvement of academics, students and staff from across Europe. With this wave of mobility initiatives launched in September 2022, the Alliance wishes to celebrate our growing community of dreamers while also consolidating our ambitious inter-university campus. Looking at the range of activities and the enthusiasm of both organisers and participants, it is clear that our Alliance can look forward to a bright future.