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CIVIS publishes a handbook on innovative pedagogies: ways into the process of learning transformation

18 February 2021
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Understanding innovative pedagogies and sharing best practices between European universities is key to redefining new approaches to teaching and learning in order to prepare the young generations to meet new contemporary challenges.

With this in mind, our group of experts on “Teaching Excellence” identified, documented, analysed and collected over 50 innovative learning practices within our universities, across a large variety of academic fields to produce a handbook that reflects a conceptual framework on trends and changes in learning process transformation.


"Teaching excellence” in CIVIS is more than one component of the project, it is a statement of the nine universities that teaching matters!

Prof. Lucian Ciolan, Project leader on Teaching Excellence for CIVIS

The analysis on pedagogical innovations led to a clustering model with four typologies: technology-based pedagogical innovation, methodology-based pedagogical innovation, skill-based pedagogical innovation and context-driven pedagogical innovation, and covers topics such as online and blended learning, experimental learning, gamification and inclusive education

Every year, thousands of students are enrolling in our universities, full of hope and expectations for their personal and professional development. They invest time, money and confidence in a process that should create conditions for them to flourish, to become educated citizens and excellent professionals in their fields. The teaching and learning environment that we create for them, the quality of pedagogical interactions and the relevance of learning experiences are key factors in supporting this process. The handbook on Innovative Pedagogies: Ways into the process of learning transformation is a first step in providing not just a theoretical and methodological background, but also examples of relevant practice from CIVIS universities on how to stimulate authentic learning. We will accompany the existing examples in the handbook with a dynamic and open database that could inspire and stimulate professionals in higher education to cooperate in finding the best ways to make learning effective and motivating. The project was realized through an extensive collaboration of professionals in the eight universities of CIVIS, and thus it brings together concrete ideas and valuable suggestions offered by colleagues from all eight countries in the project. It is exactly this cooperation which can only be beneficial for the development of dynamic, modern and meaningful learning environments across the consortium, for all our students to benefit from.

Prof. Lucian Ciolan, Vice-Rector for Development Projects, Lifelong Learning and Educational Infrastructure, University of Bucharest, Project leader on Teaching Excellence for CIVIS.


The Handbook on “Innovative Pedagogies: ways into the Process of Learning Transformation” provides an in-depth analysis of the approaches by which teachers are prepared to address pedagogical innovations in the classroom. It takes a look at the use of innovative pedagogies in an effective learning environment and covers topics such as online and blended learning, experimental learning, gamification and inclusive education.

This handbook is ideally designed for teachers, academics and instructors interested in adopting innovative pedagogies in their teaching programmes and hopes to trigger discussion among academics from CIVIS Universities and beyond in designing and implementing authentic learning experiences.

The handbook on “innovative pedagogies: ways into the process of learning transformation” can be downloaded below.