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5 CIVIS member universities have been awarded ERC Advanced grants

1 April 2020
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On Tuesday 31 March 2020, the European Research Council announced the laureates of its annual Advanced grants competition. This year, with a total fund of 450 million euros, 185 top researchers from various field of research will be funded by the ERC to develop their cutting-edge and innovative research projects. Among the awarded institutions, five CIVIS member universities have received grants from this highly competitive call.

Aix-Marseille Université - CNRS
  • Researcher: MIGNOT Tâm

Research project: A Multiscale Analysis of Bacterial Predation

Further information:

Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Researcher: BLANPAIN Cedric

Research project: Tracking and Targeting Tumor States at single-cell resolution in real-time in vivo

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Researcher: MARTÍN Fernando

Research project: Imaging, DEcoherence, and AttoSecond probing of ionization-induced charge migration in molecules

Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Researcher: ROSELLINI Michela

Research project: Priscian’s Ars grammatica in European Scriptoria. A Millennium of Latin and Greek Scholarship

  • Researcher: SCIARRINO Fabio 

Research project: QUantum advantage via nonlinear BOSon Sampling

  • Researchers: ROBB John and TAFURI Mary Anne

Research project: Making Ancestors: The Politics of Death in Prehistoric Europe

Coordinated by the University of Cambridge and Sapienza University as co-beneficiary

Further information:

University of Tübingen
  • Researcher: BORN Jan

Research project: Sleep balancing abstraction and forgetting of memory

For further information on the 2019 ERC Advanced grant competition:
European Research Council:

The European Research Council, set up by the European Union, funds top researchers of all nationalities helping them develop their visionary research projects at the frontiers of knowledge. The ERC's mission is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields of research, on the basis of scientific excellence.

ERC competitions

ERC competitions are part of the Horizon 2020 programme and are open to researchers, scientists and scholars of any nationality. In 2019, 1881 applicants submitted their proposals in all fields of research and 185 have been awarded a grant.