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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Innovative, interdisciplinary, international: These three keywords sum up what makes the University of Tübingen special. Excellent research and teaching are Tübingen’s answer to the challenges of the future in a globalized world. We foster numerous exchanges with partners around the globe – institutions of higher education as well as non-university research institutions. Networks and collaborations across faculty and subject boundaries are the pillars of our successful strategy. This is also reflected in our good position in international rankings. In addition, we are one of eleven German universities distinguished as “excellent” in the Excellence Initiative competition by the German federal and state governments.


Around 4,800 scientists and researchers are currently employed at the University – many are among the best in their field. The University has nine core research areas with a high density of complex collaborative research projects: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Language and Cognition, Plant Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Infection Research, Translational Immunology and Cancer Treatment, Geoscience and Environmental Science, Human Evolution and Archaeology as well as Education and Media.

Tübingen expressly supports common European values. These include the freedom of research and academia, the freedom of expression, the equality of all human beings and respect for human dignity, regardless of a person’s origins, religion, social status, gender, or sexual orientation. The University of Tübingen actively supports progressive developments in society and promotes peaceful coexistence, sustainable development, and the protection of the environment.

We regard the diversity of our students and employees as a great strength. It is our paramount task to support them all in their quest for knowledge and education. The motivation of its employees is an important factor in the success of a university. With this in mind, the University of Tübingen makes every effort to enable its faculty, staff, and students to reconcile their working lives and studies with their family obligations.


Country: Germany
City: Tübingen
Unviersity's name: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Date of creation: 1477


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Few figures

Number of students 2022/23

  • 28,366 students (11,562 male students; 16,804 female students)

Number of staff

  • 551 professors
  • 5530 academic staff
  • 2402 non-academic staff

Number and names of faculties and/or schools

7 faculties

  • Faculty of Protestant Theology
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science

Number of PhD thesis defended in 2021-2022: 756