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Technical innovations in basic and translational research: applications to immunology-oncology

Learn how new technologies are turning the latest discoveries in basic research into innovative methods for analysis and treatment in immuno-oncology. Explore the theory through virtual modules, then travel to a research hub to see the technology in action!

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CIVIS focus area
Open to
  • Master's
  • Phd
Field of studies
  • Medicine and Health
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • CIVIS Hub 3
Course dates
2021 - 2022
Learn more and apply on the dedicated website. Deadline 30 September 2021.

This programme aims to prepare tommorow's scientists and medical doctors for the impending evolution of current paradigms in immuno-oncology. We will do this by approching the questions from a technical perspective, through a blended mobility curriculum where teaching is focused on technical applications in fundamental, translational and clinical immuno-oncology.

The first component will be a virtual course of 5 modules, each containing up to twelve 60-minute webinars:

  • Cytometry
  • Organoids
  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Microscopy-imaging

Students will receive the technical theoretical bases enabling them to understand the functioning of these innovative technologies, as well as the applications to the exploration of anti-tumor immunity in aspects ranging from the fundamental research to the clinical approaches. The critical step of data analysis using machine learning algorithms will also be addressed in the different themes.

The second component will be a short-term mobility exchange of 5 days within the scientific platforms of the CIVIS immunology-oncology network. This will allow students to practically experience what was learned in the virtual component. Based on a detailed application form, participants will be oriented to the platform that best suits their interests.


June - Nov 2021 Virtual component: Students follow 5 e-learning courses and apply for the mobility component.
Dec 2021 Exams on online courses and review of applications for mobility component.
Jan - June 2022 Mobility component: Short-term physical mobility to visit scientific platforms, followed by corresponding exam.
July 2022 Completion and certification of the programme.


The programme is open to Master's and PhD students at CIVIS Alliance universities. Full details of the programme and the application process can be found on the programme website. The online courses will be open to a broad audience of relevant students, of whom 25 will be selected for the mobility component.

Learn more and apply on the dedicated website. Deadline 30 September 2021.

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