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Disciplinary Meeting: Digital Humanities

10 Dezember 2021

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Type of event
Disciplinary Meeting: Digital Humanities
Open to
CIVIS academics & researchers
10 Dezember 2021

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has undertaken to organise a Disciplinary Meeting to foster the creation of a collaborative network of researchers and academics working on Digital Humanities. Humanities have a huge potential for new discoveries in the near future thanks to digital and collaborative approaches. This meeting intends to be a first step for building a collaborative environment in CIVIS for Digital Humanities.

The Wor(l)ds Lab research group at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid invites members across CIVIS to a Disciplinary Meeting on Digital Humanities. The purpose of the meeting is to learn about each other’s projects and activities in order to foster collaboration for joint teaching and research. Digital Humanities sit at the crossroads of computer science and the humanities, bringing digital tools and methods to the study of the humanities. Being a field typically collaborative and transdisciplinary, we are sure that CIVIS will be a perfect platform for building a strong network of teaching, research, tools, and best practices. Therefore, the central part of the Disciplinary Meeting will be a discussion about future collaboration and the next steps to be taken.


For further information and to register for this Discplinary Meeting, contact Manuel Alcántara-Plá (