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Webinar: Interdisciplinarity as a catalyst of change in the new academic context

28 Oktober 2020
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On 12 November 2020, the University of Bucharest is hosting a webinar on ”Interdisciplinarity as a Catalyst of Change in the New Academic Context” as part of their local CIVIS days.

The event, which is organised under the Interdisciplinary School of Doctoral Studies Alliance, will address issues regarding the ”virtuality as the new reality” and how this affects educational policies in the higher education area.

As universities and the academic career are both seeking for some new perspectives of evolution and development, the workshop will look into the role of interdisciplinarity in creating and catalyzing change. Change for the university leaders, the university staff, teachers and students, and, on a higher level, change with the European and national decision-makers in the education field.

The webinar is opened to all CIVIS partners. Interested parties are invited to contact to receive full information and access link to the online event.