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Hop in and join a unique roadtrip to #DiscoverCIVIS along with our student ambassadors

14 März 2024
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#DiscoverCIVIS: a journey through the Alliance

If CIVIS were a place, what would it be? A place to share, to exchange, to meet? An (inter) university campus? Starting this March 14, 2024, the CIVIS Alliance invites you to a 5-month-long journey to discover our 11 Member Universities.

Our new social media campaign #DiscoverCIVIS: a journey through the Alliance is the promise of a long roadtrip, hand-in-hand with our CIVIS Student Ambassadors, to the places, traditions and iconic staples of the 11 Member Universities of the Alliance.

CIVIS is anchored in cities and spaces, bursting with life, enriched by encounters. We will begin our exploration with the architectural landmarks of our campuses! Which ones do you think we will put to the forefront?

The campaign: between people and art

A combination of beautiful illustrations by our in-house graphic designer Jeanne Sadzot, infographics, photos, and Instagram take-overs by our CIVIS Student Ambassadors will allow the CIVIS community to take a tour of 11 cities to visit the iconic landmarks of our Member Universities, taste its delicacies and share their most beloved celebrations, among other themes.

#DiscoverCIVIS is one of the pilot projects jointly conceived by the CIVIS Communication Unit, a collaboration between the communication representatives from all CIVIS Member Universities and the central Communication Team.

Head to CIVIS social media channels, specifically our Instagram account, where CIVIS Ambassadors from our Member Universities will take control of our stories to bring to life the illustrations, share their CIVIS experiences, and give us all a tour of what a truly multilingual interuniversity campus looks like!

Share your own CIVIS experiences, pictures and comments using the hashtag #DiscoverCIVIS and join the movement!