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Who are the CIVIS Ambassadors?

Our CIVIS Ambassadors are the first point of contact for their peers, both incoming CIVIS students and students of the home university interested in learning more about the alliance.


Can't wait to find out what opportunities await you? Then have a look at YOUR ambassadors


Valentin Callet

As a graduate student qualified with a Masters in cultural studies of the English-speaking world from the University of Aix-Marseille (South-east France), I am very glad to take on the role of CIVIS cultural ambassador. I have been involved in the improvement of learning and studying conditions, for both local and international students, during the past six years. Having benefitted from several enriching experiences abroad, including an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2017-2018, I have also worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Western Ontario, in London (Canada), in 2019-2020. Next year, I will also be a Fulbright® FLTA scholar in the United States for the academic year 2022-2023. Besides, I am working as a Resident Assistant (RA) in my student halls in Aix-en-Provence, to help students socialise, keep them entertained, and help them balance their lives.

During my tenure as an ambassador, I will work to improve the European academic system and help break the borders between academic disciplines. I will strive to make the CIVIS alliance better known among the student communities at home and abroad, by participating in the Erasmus Days and in the Global CIVIS Days. Higher education has suffered a great deal with the multiple lockdowns and periods of isolation; therefore, I want to help students gain back the confidence they may have lost to explore new areas. Moreover, I shall continue to share uplifting and rewarding international opportunities for the next generation of students. I am deeply grateful for this unique opportunity and cannot wait to start my missions as a CIVIS cultural ambassador: excellence and dedication will be my mantras.


Sarah Lieven

I am currently doing a Master's degree in European and International Politics and I am committed to human rights, particularly women's rights, an area in which I would like to work in later. Besides, I am currently doing a civic service with Eurasia net, an association that promotes European and international mobility by sending young people through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Civic Service (CS) mechanisms. Within CIVIS, Eurasia net participates in the CIVIS Open Lab project which allows students to create projects that are valued within their university curriculum in order to reinforce their professional skills (both soft and hard skills). 

I am also working on my dissertation about mobilities abroad for young people and in what way the European academic system enables to develop the student's social commitment. 

Always very attracted to international relations and foreign languages, I have been able to combine my two passions throughout my university career. I first lived in England during my studies in Applied Foreign Languages (English-Japanese) and then in the Netherlands during my Master 1 in European Politics. Having also a degree in political science, I realised that I want to move towards a meaningful career that has impacts on society. Being an ambassador for the CIVIS alliance will lead me to improve the European academic system and I would do my best to promote the alliance to the European students. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I am eager to meet students all over Europe to share together to improve our academic system. 




Klairi Gianniri

My willingness to become a CIVIS Ambassador springs from my desire to remain actively engaged within the academic world during the tough times of the pandemic, to interact with colleagues from diverse sociocultural backgrounds, to be part of the empowering CIVIS network, and familiarize with its values and good practices. The positive impact of CIVIS in the future could be the formation of a Higher Education that will be based on a horizontal exchange of experience and knowledge among professionals and the establishment of a multidisciplinary academic network across Europe.


Eleni Anna Bozini

Hello, I am Eleanna and I am PhD candidate of Comparative Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In my view CIVIS is a unique initiative due to both its research potential and its means: CIVIS offers a revolutionary platform for cross-fertilization of research ideas, bringing together academic hubs located in nine countries! CIVIS not only stands out for its focus on cooperation but also for forging strong ties between higher institutions and society. Since I find that the extreme challenges the world faces today put forward the urgency of academic civic engagement, I am delighted to be a part of this effort!




Ekaterina-Michaela Tomou

My name is Katerina Tomou and I am a PhD student in the field of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products at the Department of Pharmacy at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). As a CIVIS Ambassador, I am willing to create and establish new opportunities for activities that can build bridges among students through universities, society, and science in a truly unique European interuniversity campus. I strongly believe that such a program could motivate young people to follow their dreams, be passionate, make new collaborations-friendships while being active members of their societies.


Grigorios Antoniou

My name is Grigorios Antoniou and I am a PhD student in Economic History at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I find the initiative of the CIVIS InterUniversity exquisite and really promising. I hope that I will be able to share my experiences from my previous studies in three European universities and help future students to adapt to their new environment in an easier and more efficient way. It is an honor to communicate the unifying and progressive values of CIVIS.




Alexandra Soulioti 

My name is Alexandra Soulioti and I am a 3rd-year undergraduate student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Law School. As a young European, I feel that regardless of our roots, we must promote European values and cultures in order to become better versions of ourselves. Working as part of a team that shares knowledge and a European spirit, we can become open-minded, and see the world from multiple perspectives. This is what CIVIS as a European Civic University provides to the students of my generation. The Ambassador position offers me the privilege and the opportunity to inform others about, promote the values of, and contribute to the mission of the Alliance that sculpts the future of Education.


Dimitrios-Stylianos Koutsoukos

From the moment I learned about the CIVIS Alliance, I was amazed by the opportunities offered by this innovative and promising initiative. CIVIS not only allows students and academics to introduce mobility to their lives but also creates a great environment for academic cooperation and evolution, whereas supports the vision of European unity. Besides, the Alliance will deeply impact the Higher Education of the future by cultivating the values of cooperation and respect. For these reasons, I was excited to support the CIVIS Alliance by offering my services as an Ambassador.




Eleni Zachariou

I am Eleni, I am a special education teacher and I study in MSc Social Neuroscience, Social Pedagogy, and Education at the University of Athens. As a CIVIS Ambassador I aim to create formal and non-formal educational and social activities and projects, liaising the University with the local community and international organizations, supporting CIVIS students' mobility, and embracing the philosophy of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations for 2030. I would also like to build a strong network of students, professors, researchers, and alumni and to highlight the power of the academic community, promoting social equity and equal opportunities in education, through teamwork.




Ioana Olimpia Ene

I'm Ioana and I am in my second year of the Human Resources Management master's program at the University of Bucharest. Intercultural exchanges like Erasmus or within youth organizations have really shaped who I have become as a person. Thus, I would love to enable as many students as possible to further develop their knowledge and skills as members of a broad and welcoming community. I think that the CIVIS Alliance would be the place to start when looking for an opportunity for growth outside one's own borders, be they physical or intellectual.


Tatiana-Lăcrămioara Șoldănescu

I am motivated by the desire to contribute to the development of an integrated European area for higher education, based on academic freedom, social cohesion, free movement of students and teachers, and, above all, for wider openness and collaboration with higher education systems around the world. My aim, together with the mission of CIVIS, is fueled by the need to put in place the concepts of equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion on a systemic level. CIVIS will develop a deep level of European integration of students, will focus on the development of common learning pathways and innovation in team learning.




Theodora-Christina Rancu

The stepping stone of my covet to get involved in this transnational program named CIVIS was represented by the coordinates outlined by this project.
The quality of a CIVIS Ambassador implies the militarization for the formation of a European inter-university campus, for the diminution of the barriers related to the geographical and ethnic differences, all having as a finality the foundation of a homogeneous study environment. This mission outlined by the CIVIS Alliance should also embody the desire of change wished by a former Erasmus student, a person who had the opportunity to experience, even for a limited time, the study in a climate of European integration. As a former Erasmus fellow, I believe that, through CIVIS, I could contribute to the objectives set out above, promoting the goals of this alliance and helping maximize them in the future.





Contact: mail



Contact: mail



Susana Lucas Pérez

One year ago, the CIVIS alliance changed my life by allowing me to travel around Europe and meet all kinds of people while staying in an academic setting. Now it’s my turn to encourage new generations to participate in such an inspirational project. Whether it is in Madrid, Athens or Stockholm, CIVIS will help you grow personally and professionally thanks to the help of committed professors, students and staff members. I believe that the future of Higher Education lies in international connections and exchanges of different perspectives. That’s why CIVIS makes and will make a difference.




Luisa Blázquez

Becoming a CIVIS ambassador brings me the opportunity to help other students know more about this ambitious European Higher Education initiative. It is a great honour to take an active part in spreading the values, purposes and approach of the alliance at my home university, UAM. The opportunities that CIVIS gives to students and professors enrich the quality of education, since it provides multiple tools for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet and exchange knowledge from all fields of study.
I feel lucky to be alive at the same time as CIVIS! Can’t wait to experience what the future holds in store for the CIVIS community.


Marina Fernández

Participating in the CIVIS Alliance, and therefore in the Higher Education of Europe, has been one of the highlights of my academic life. CIVIS has given me the opportunity to learn while discovering different peoples and cultures, and I strongly believe in the community that is being created by the Alliance.

I would like to contribute to CIVIS by helping others discover this incredible project. The Alliance provides all members of the academic community with the perfect opportunity to grow and expand their knowledge, not only in the academic field but also in the personal sphere.








Ilaria Carriero

I firmly believe that CIVIS embodies European values to perfection and that it is an excellent medium for young students who approach university to build a future and consequently to build the future in which we will all live.
I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where future people who hold important positions, have travelled, have opened up to foreign cultures and have understood that Borders don't preserve peace, borders only breed war”.



Eugenio Sandrucci

I’m Eugenio. I am in my second year of the PhD in Chemical Sciences. I attended a STM at University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, RSA); from that STM was born an international collaboration in my research. I am motivated by the desire to contribute to the development of an integrated European (and international) area for higher education, based on academic freedom, social cohesion, free movement of students and teachers, and, above all, for wider openness and collaboration with higher education systems around the world. My aim, together with the mission of CIVIS, is fuelled by the need to put in place the concepts of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion on a systemic level and to fight against the discriminations.

Consuelo D'Annibale

Thanks to its academic excellence and opportunities, CIVIS is an incredible gift for all members of the alliance. The possibility to travel around Europe and discover new learning methods, get in touch with students and professors who brodean our horizons sharing their experience, and being surrounded by a multicultural and stimulating environment: that’s what Civis provides and what I gained from my Erasmus mobility and a Civis summer school. Those experiences completely changed my personality, that’s why I decided to apply as a Civis ambassador: I want to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make other people explore this world, as well as working with those who already know Civis. Integration, cooperation and multiculturalism are the basis as well as the objectives of Civis alliance and as involved students we can contribute to consolidate the idea of a European interuniversity where everyone gains something.



Giulia Riccardi

I'm proud to be part of the CIVIS community because I believe in the creation of a European University. My journey with CIVIS started during the Global CIVIS days 2020 when I participated in the Hackathon. Since then, I have taken part in two CIVIS courses and deepened my knowledge about the CIVIS alliance. I had the opportunity to learn and meet new people from all over Europe. Furthermore, I've learnt about new cultures and different educational methods. I am grateful for what Sapienza and CIVIS have offered me, and I want to share my passion for the CIVIS alliance with other students.

Alessia Vitiello

For me, being part of the CIVIS community means trusting the future we are building with our own hands.
Our role is to remind everybody how important it is to share ideas, how amazing it is to discover new cultures and, above all else, to show the importance and the richness of diversity. There are endless ways of seeing the world, but the world is one, it is ours, and each of us must feel responsible to make it a better place. This is the reason why CIVIS is and will be the opportunity we have to create connections and bridges between countries and universities and to share our cultures and life perspectives!


Mariam Zouhair

I am convinced that the CIVIS mission has the potential to build a new way of living academia and sharing educational experiences, contributing to the production of an affordable and high-quality educational system, resulting in a fundamental professional and cultural enrichment for all students. To be a CIVIS ambassador is to be an active part of this constructive international environment, promoting its ideals beyond national borders. I thus hope, as such, to inspire other students to benefit from the life-changing opportunities offered by this European Universities Alliance.

Monika Lionaite

I have been part of CIVIS Summer School and experienced the synergies in a multidisciplinary academic
environment. I want to empower other academics to enable their multiple interests in different topics and help them to find support in their way of "connecting the dots" in their research. Multidisciplinary research is crucial for the future of sustainable development and its implementation in the industries. CIVIS creates a dynamic and open environment for new ideas to evolve into research while creating a unique academic network promoting lifelong learning and multicultural teamwork.




Irma Fogelberg

Hi, my name is Irma and I wanted to become a CIVIS ambassador to encourage people to take part in the many opportunities offered by the CIVIS alliance. Going on exchange has been one of the most exciting and educational moments in my life and CIVIS opens up similar life-changing opportunities. Bridges are built across national borders making possible innovative and transforming research in an interuniversity space. Students, researchers, and staff can all be part of this inclusive environment. This and much more is why I am more than happy to be a part of this alliance.



Marianne Colleran

I wanted to become a CIVIS ambassador to encourage and guide others in their experiences studying abroad. Additionally, I was drawn to the international element of CIVIS and its ability to bring people together from across the world. The alliance between CIVIS and its partner universities offer valuable opportunities for communication and research not only for students but also staff, in an affordable and inclusive manner. I am excited to encourage others to partake in the endless possibilities available through studying abroad and CIVIS’ mobility programmes, showcasing the strong ethos of the organisation and the exciting future ahead.