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General information

University: University of Glasgow

Open to: Anyone

Language(s): English Number of participants

Not defined

Date: 14 May 2024, 16:00 CET

Brief description

What impact does COIL have on students and tutors? How could it be implemented in our learning and teaching? This session delves into the transformative potential of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), in the context of heightened internationalisation in Higher Education.

We will unpack what COIL is and we will reflect on the impact that a potential COIL model, based on the SUNY COIL Centre model (n.d) and on mutual enrichment, active participation, cooperative teaching, and topics of common interest (Rodolico et al., 2022a) had on the positive learning experience of Higher Education (HE) students. We will also consider how students might develop intercultural competencies in an alternative way.

Finally, we will present a curriculum mapping tool for COIL, based on the ABC Learning Design, and adapted to COIL, based on the SUNY COIL public resources.


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