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CIVIS educational offer for students keeps growing! As online courses become more common in CIVIS member universities, we are excited to offer students the opportunity to join a selection of online courses offered by one of our member universities. This is a fantastic way to enrich your studies and experience CIVIS from home.

The pilot phase of this pillar of the CIVIS offer for students started in 2021-2022. The range and type of courses available varies widely between universities, so take some time to explore the lists. Each university will be managing the registrations and application process for the courses they host. Check out the course lists below, and stay tuned for updates!

Accreditation and recognition of ECTS

Many of the courses offer ECTS credit points and could be recognised as part of your study programme - but this depends on the decision of your home university. We would recommend all students to verify in advance, at their home university, whether their preferred online course(s) could be recognised and to what extent. Even if they will not be recognised, you are welcome to apply as an addition to your study programme.

Upon graduation, students will receive a CIVIS Passport, an innovative tool that records all CIVIS activities (credited and non-credited). This CIVIS Passport will be a personal digital space for registering all CIVIS experiences, including participation in open online courses at other CIVIS universities. The CIVIS Passport is one of the very first tools for recording and recognising learning experiences at a European level. The inclusion of an activity in your CIVIS Passport will depend on the application and registration processes of the university hosting the course, so be sure to follow all instructions carefully!

Open online courses at CIVIS member universities

NATIONAL AND KAPODISTRIAN University of ATHENS  Sapienza Università di Roma
Stockholm University University of Bucharest
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid