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UB community massively supports the first edition of Sustainability Week

7 February 2024
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Five days of actions, workshops, competitions and debates to raise awareness on the sustainable actions. This is what the first edition of the Sustainability Week, organized by the University of Bucharest, was about. The series of events aligned with the international approach of the United Nations on the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the 2030 Agenda.
© University of Bucharest

Hundreds of the UB community's members took part in this first edition of Sustainability Week.The event started with awareness workshops addressing topics such as energy efficiency, biodiversity and environmental protection, social responsibility and inclusion and diversity in sustainable development policies.

In addition, a series of actions with educational, sports and social purposes were also organized:

  • step competition (“Steps week at UB”),
  • exhibition (“Responsibility has no age”),
  • guided tours (“Discover UB's heritage”),
  • awareness actions (“A week without an elevator”, “Sports for a healthy lifestyle”),
  • volunteering (“Be a UB volunteer!”) and
  • donation ampaigns (“Academy of Good Deeds” and “I Support SEED”).

A university for future generations

The University of Bucharest aims to be a university for future generations - a modern, innovative and efficient institution. In recent years the initiatives of the UB community have brought the university institutional recognition as an active institution in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals, at both national and international level. 

© University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest continues its efforts to create and consolidate a sustainable climate for future generations.

For more details regarding the event, you can access the original story, in Romanian